Happy New Year everyone! Let's all pray for a safe and successful 2019.

I have about 30 minutes to say a few words before going to press so I'm just going to comment on a few things.

The Democrat Party has now taken possession of our House of Representatives. The Party has "distinguished" itself by threatening to continue to attack President Trump in every conceivable way for the next two years, by obstructing legislation, slow-walking the process of government in general, etc. They promise to do this in the face of grave threats to our nation from Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and of course, millions of people trying to crash through our southern border, the wall, and the global disease of Islamic Sharia dreamers.

President Trump has had extraordinary success in many important areas of government, especially in the revival of our national defense.

All of these challenges should be on the front burner at this time - which makes it a very crowded hot spot, but Dems are focused on destroying our President.

Let's just take our national defense for example.

Russia (Putin) has bragged for several years now about his ultimate weapon, something capable of "wiping-out the entire US Naval force in a few hours or so." He demonstrated this capability against one of our multi-billion dollar atomic destroyers in the Black Sea a few years ago, by utterly paralyzing the ship's electronic systems. It had to be towed back to port. This was accomplished by a simple fly-around of the ship by a single Russian war plane. Making a long story short, from a non-scientist like me, Russia developed (during the cold war) and produced and supplied this Electromagnetic Pulse weaponry to all levels of its military. It is no longer necessary for an enemy to explode a nuclear weapon 150 miles above to US to wipe-out our entire electric grid. The weapon has been miniaturized.

These weapons are derivatives of ideas from Nicholas Tesla who claimed a "cheap as dirt" new energy, which was passed over by American industry because they could not make money from it. Anyway, check out scalar energy, a new, unique energy force capable of wiping out a billion people and all of their earthly belongings in a matter of seconds.

Hate to leave you hanging there, but please do a search on scalar energy and its military uses. The Russians have it - America does not. Again, the United States of America has no defense against these new energy weapons.

Maybe it would be a good idea to stop attacking our President and begin constructing a defense against these new scalar weapons. That might assure a Happy New Year.