I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. We've certainly have had beautiful weather as we approach the new year.


Like many people I have been disappointed with our president's behavior during his first two years in office from time to time. I still strongly support him, but three recent decisions deserve equally strong condemnation.

His decision to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan really shocked me - the loss of General Mattis was the third. This (Afghanistan and Syria withdrawal) was an abrupt decision, against the advice of his most experienced military advisors, which precipitated the resignation of his Secretary of Defense, James Mattis. This move leaves our most faithful military friends, the Kurds, at the mercy of Turkey and its Muslim turncoat leader, Recelp Erdogan.

As I type-out these words Erdogan is massing his tanks and troops in preparation for an attack on the Kurds, to wipe them out. We are leaving them hanging as we did South Vietnam troops before abandoning them in that war. Again, the vacuum we create by withdrawing from Syria will be quickly filled by the disease of Sharia law terrorists.

The same will happen in Afghanistan. It makes far more sense to maintain a very small and powerful base in both nations to secure what we have achieved by such a tremendous expenditure of blood and treasure, than to throw it all away. All of our most dangerous enemies will gain substantially from this foolish decision. When I first heard of the president's decision here I thought he had lost his mind. That's how serious a mistake he is making. Which of our allies can trust our president's national and international defensive strategic thinking now?