I have learned, a short time ago, of the death of Joseph Kern. Joe was a long time friend and indispensable advocate for the Fillmore Gazette. Without his assistance over the years, and his generous nature, this newspaper would have disappeared long ago.

I will have more time next week to expound on Joe's helpful presence for more than 30 years.

My condolences to Mrs. Lynda Kern and the entire family.

Rest in peace Joe, you were a friend indeed, which I will never forget.


After learning of the passing of such a friend I don't feel much like discussing politics. I would, however, comment on the last Fillmore City Council election. I find it alarming that the Democrat Party is now helping to determine Fillmore's city government. It's bad enough having to deal with federal Democrats shredding the fabric of our democracy. Now it appears that local Democrats are obstructing the natural, historical way residents of Fillmore chose their Council members. The word Democrat (large D) has taken on a new meaning for me since the 2016 election, it now simply means underhanded obstruction. Now, as never before, we have to consider the political party each Council member belongs to. Edmonds is quoted as saying: “It’s a nonpartisan race, but I am a strong Democrat”. I wish that were still true, but, obviously, future races will never again be "nonpartisan," because "Party" is where the money is. Fillmore's political races are no longer local.

Of course our system is still democratic (small d) it will just be less local and congenial. For example, we will be asking if the candidate is a Never-Trumper, or a Hillary supporter. What could be more divisive?

However, warm thanks to Carrie Broggie for her fine performance on the Council, and congratulations to Diane McCall for winning a second term. I also congratulate and welcome Lynn Edmonds to our Council and wish her the very best.