This week finds me very short of time. However, I have the burning issue of voter fraud to deal with.

After reading a letter on this issue by Diane Sutton, a member of Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa), I have to say my eyes have been opened and I am alarmed by the extent of election code violations. If these violations are so rampant in the small town of Fillmore I can only imagine how bad things are in other cities, Ventura County, the State of California, and across the country.

We’re talking about voter fraud, the unlawful activity that steals votes and violates a fundamental Constitutional right. We hear so much of the outrageous voter fraud in two Florida districts that it may distract us from looking at our own widespread local illegalities.

It’s time to hold those responsible for supervising polling locations (preventing fraud in many ways) to account. When I went into a voting booth I noticed two persons next to me, speaking in Spanish, one person was voting for the other, who seemingly, hardly knew why she was there or what she was doing.

Ms. Sutton’s letter ends with enumerating many of the Election Codes which she witnessed being violated.

The Fillmore City Council election process has apparently been surreptitiously, and wrongfully, influenced by members of a Democrat group providing unreported financial donations. So it appears that the little town of Fillmore has lost its innocence, and no longer enjoys honest elections, free of county-state political influence.

I will expand this issue when more information is available. Strong penalties should exist for fraudulent voting.

Thank you Diane Sutton for your valuable, if alarming, letter.