I am very sorry to announce the passing of a long-time friend and American patriot, Don Gunderson. Don was a distinguished, retired Navy Captain who, with wife Ruth, were true pillars of Fillmore civic activity for many years.

Don spearheaded major improvements at our VFW building, was City Councilman and Mayor, active Rotary member and volunteer for many other activities. I always admired his patriotic stance for his country.

He will surely be missed, but his presence while amongst I will not forget.

Rest in peace, Don.


I must also remember Marylou Carrillo, who passed away this week. She was the wife of the late Hank Carrillo, two of Fillmore's special citizens. Both Hank and Marylou were much beloved members of our town.

Rest in peace, Marylou.


Congratulations to Diane McCall and Lynn Edmonds for winning seats on the Fillmore City Council. This was a hard-fought election. I hope the Council continues the smooth-running operation we have observed for several years to date.


Measure "T" (which asked voters to approve indoor commercial marijuana buildings in Fillmore) failed to pass. I have to confess I hate marijuana (except in highly regulated medical uses) and regret that this Measure was rejected. Under California's radically liberal government, all resistance to the massive spread of this harmful plant seems to have collapsed. This will prove to be a deliberate, unstoppable tragedy for our youth for many years to come.

As expected, Gavin Newsome flooded into the Governor's chair on a green wave of Billionaire's money. Though Cox ran a mediocre race, he never had a chance. California is now completely enveloped in all things Liberal, moral and secular, like a bug wrapped in a spider's sticky silk cocoon. When I think of a Newsome regime I have in mind "Something wicked this way comes."

For normal American citizens, residents of California, just about everything of material value will be offered "for free". Democrats in Sacramento are about to construct a new Utopia, free schooling, medical care, food, housing, whatever, especially for illegal aliens, ex-convicts, the drug-addled homeless, for anyone who can walk across the border without permission.

Because California is deemed a Sanctuary City by the Democrat elites, it will attract alien criminals with all of their various activities, like kidnapping young women and girls for prostitution (sex slavery), drug cartel marketing, gang murder, smuggling, and foreign terror; name the crime and this state will attract it through disparagement of law enforcement and weakening of laws. California will become a place unfit for honest, law-abiding people. Democrats will (are) making this state a dangerous place to live - and unaffordable due to taxes and regulations.


As for the national election, it turned out much better than I thought it would.

Republicans strengthened their hold on the Senate which will greatly facilitate the rehabilitation of our courts. Amongst all of President Trump's solid achievements, placing the last two Supreme Court justices on the bench is by far the most important. Our judges will now return to the application of original law as stipulated by our Constitution, and reject decisions based upon personal preference and private feelings. Our laws should be based upon the application of law as found in our written Constitution, not upon the imaginative whims of liberal would-be judicial legislators. Congress makes our law and the courts decide their validity based upon that Constitution.

With the Senate in Republican hands, let the House Democrats continue with their frivolous "investigations". Like the President has just reminded the Dems, two can play that game - though the business of the nation will not be done.

The Democrats should finally reconcile with the fact that Trump won the election of 2016, and understand the only proven "collusion" at that time was undertaken by Hillary Clinton and friends in the FBI, CIA, and Justice Dept. Clinton should be prosecuted for her many felonies to let America know its judicial system is still intact and dealing equal justice for all.

Lock her up!