I would like to enthusiastically endorse incumbent Fillmore Council Member Carrie Broggie in her effort to secure another term on the Council. Carrie has proven to be an essential part of our highly productive city government for the past 4 years. Her professional performance as a Council team member is especially appreciated by those of us who remember the turmoil in past years. Carrie is a true team player whose years of experience and cooperative attitude has always been a welcome benefit in Council deliberations.

I ask for your strong support for Carrie Broggie for Fillmore City Council.

I also endorse Dianne McCall, incumbent Fillmore City Council Member, for another term on our Council. Like Carrie Broggie, Dianne McCall is another team player on our Council. She has worked diligently and cooperatively with the other members in plotting the future of our city. I hope we will keep these two great Council members on the team that has been so successful.

I urge Fillmore residents to vote for Carrie Broggie and Dianne McCall for City Council. Together, especially, they are a winning team.


I'm sure I'm not alone in growing tired of the intense political conflict we face today. Americans are living through unprecedented times.

After so many obvious beneficial achievements, foreign and domestic, during normal times, President Trump should be able to relax a little and savor his accomplishments. Of course this can never happen because he faces the slings and arrows of outrageous, subversive Democrat attacks. The battle lines are clearly drawn between the violent, Leftist Democrat Party and the steadfast, traditional Republican Right. Neither description is exaggerated. Physical violence is promoted and undertaken by those organizations affiliated with the Democrat Party. This atmosphere of violence inspires weaker minds, like that of James T. Hodgkinson, the shooter in the (Majority Whip) Steve Scalise incident.

So Trump will have no victory party and Congress will find no will to create the laws necessary to protect the country, like immigration and border control legislation. Without passage of these urgently needed laws the problems, like invasions of our national borders by organized mobs, will continue. The Democrat half of our Congress is playing dead in hopes this turbulence will cause one of those incidents Democrat Rahm Emanuel finds valuable: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste." We now have a serious crisis on our hands. So watch Dems and their fellow anarchists go to work when the amnesty mobs arrive at the border.

Votes for any Democrat is a vote for continuous chaos.