America is under siege. We are being invaded by a coordinated mass of 14 thousand Hondurans and thousands of other nationals from Central American countries forcing their way through Mexico, determined to breach the weak U.S. border.

The defiant challenge to enter the U.S. illegally is being aided and abetted by radical agencies of several corrupt Middle and South American countries, claiming they are helpless to stop the surge. The financial assistance keeping this hoard on the road and on time for the upcoming U.S. mid-term elections is most likely radical anarchist and leftist billionaires like George Soros. Mexico claims to be impotent to stop the invasion from el Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua through its land.

They claim to be seeking asylum, safety from criminal gang assaults and corrupt governments which have ruined their currencies and are starving their citizens.

Even if this is true in many cases, America is a sovereign nation with valid laws and borders. Most of the members in this massive (and growing) invasion are seeking financial assistance. That's certainly understandable, but still inexcusable as the means to this end. The reasons are obvious. Virtually every Middle and South American nation today is suffering from the same disease, namely utterly (and traditionally) corrupt government and socialist -communist leanings. Venezuela is the most glaring example to date, but certainly not the only one.

There is one huge, inescapable practical issue involving this Great Escape from Central America: its population of 43 million. This, with the other surging populations of South America (425 million) together with Mexico, (131 million), has the U.S. facing a needy total current Latin American and Caribbean population of 653,905,279 million, as of Friday, October 19, 2018. The last thing America needs is to hear a call of "All aboard!" from the conductor on that perpetual motion "train" through Mexico. I threw-in the Caribbean because it is a dynamic part of the problem of illegal human migration and the maintenance of social order and cultural integrity. And no, cultural integrity is not a racist dog whistle. Anyone familiar with human history knows that people will often die for their culture even before defending their "country". It is a prominent cause of the bloodiest of wars, right up there with religion.

So, the war cry in this most recent illegal migrant charge to our border may be "Asylum!" but the counter cry must be national survival!

It is reported that 5,333 children are in this group. Why would a mother risk this? Is it because "The report also said the local officials were providing shelter, food, water, and even medical treatment [and] the Mexican Health Ministry is “vaccinating the children and carrying out blood tests.”

Make no mistake about this event. Whatever the reasons, it is a direct attack on American sovereignty. Trump must hold the line.