The Fillmore Gazette has just passed its 30th birthday. During that time this column has been denounced and berated by some readers who have been offended by my consistent conservative point of view. I have, for 30 years, invited readers of a more liberal persuasion to respond.

Few of the offended readers have accepted my invitation, which makes things less interesting and even boring at times. I am, however, thankful for the few who have joined in the discussion. Most recently, Mrs. Kelly Scoles took me to task for my opinion on the disgraceful Star Chamber treatment the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats inflicted upon (now Supreme Court Justice) Brett Kavanaugh.

But from time to time I do get blasted for my opinions - that keeps me going. For example, a while ago, a gentleman entered my office to publish an obituary. As he was leaving he noted, "I like your editorials, but he [the deceased] hated your guts". When I discuss political or religious issues I think many readers may share that opinion. That's OK. I just wish more readers would respond, like Mrs. Scoles. Feeling the lash from liberal berserkers reminds me of why I'm undertaking this mostly thankless job.

I had another less than uplifting incident happen to me several months ago. These things usually happen when I'm alone in the office. There I was, just minding my own business, watching FOX, when a very agitated man burst into the office demanding to know why the police report had not been in the paper for the past two weeks. I explained why it was an issue of space and that we always try to get it in. He exploded with, "The blotter is the only reason I buy this piece of s..t!” He shouted that epithet three times, I guess to be sure I understood the meaning, ending his salutation with a very loud "F.... you!" - twice. With that, he stomped out, slamming the door behind him, leaving his latest edition of the Gazette on the desk, with his subscription label exposed.

Well, you can't please everyone. This last visitor, I'm convinced, was a liberal. He exhibited the emotional attributes of those liberals who have shot Congressman Steve Scalise, confronted Senators in restaurants, hallways, offices, and parkways. This man, I'm sure, was not a violent felon, like the Democrat man who attempted to kill several Republicans on that baseball field, or the Democrat radicals who have sent email messages telling everyone what diabolical, hideous attacks they would like to perform on the president, his family, and Republican members of Congress. I think that man was just very angry, not really maniacally hateful like Maxine Waters.

I'm just glad to know Justice Brett Kavanaugh has a tough guardian angel. God bless him and his whole beautiful family.