Reading a cynical letter to the editor this week from Mrs. Kelly Scoles, I might say (private joke) I was taken aback by her mawkish attitude. Some of us are right some of the time, and some wrong. Here is an example of someone wrong all of the time.

The scandalous Star Chamber treatment of Judge Kavanaugh at the hands of Democrat Senators has now passed the big bang stage of Constitutional contempt. Republicans have seen enough to understand we are in a war with the radical Left. It's time for weaklings, like (appropriately named) Senator Flake, to get a backbone, and other anatomical requisites, to enable an honorable defense of this beleaguered, honorable man.

These are the 100 special men and women sworn to be distinguished legislators and defenders of our Constitution? To a man/woman, Democrat members of this Senate Judiciary Committee to evaluate the Judge Kavanaugh's qualifications to be seated on our Supreme Court, are an offense to our Constitution, arrogant political hacks seeking power alone while depriving the nominee of a fair and impartial hearing - which must conform to fundamental (Constitutional) concepts of justice and equality.

As an American citizen Judge Kavanaugh has the Constitutional right to confront his accusers and to cross-examine them. Kavanaugh has had six previous FBI investigations throughout his political and judicial work years. He is recognized for his a highly distinguished judicial work, by both liberal and conservative judges, clerks, and social acquaintances. No nominee in the history of our Supreme Court has had a more meritorious professional history. He is acclaimed as "highly qualified" by the liberal American Bar Association. He is also known to be a great family man and arch supporter of women's rights, both on and off the bench.

Yet Democrat Party members of this Judiciary Committee have nearly exhausted themselves in their efforts to destroy his reputation professionally and socially. The accusers have proved to be a group of laughably incredible, political hacks, bent on doing the bidding of Senate Democrats. None of them have any corroborating evidence of wrongful actions by Kavanaugh. Indeed the "evidence" itself is nothing more than foggy half-memories from 36-years ago, during alleged high school days. The allegations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford are now shown to false in several sworn-to incidents; her "fear of flying" (a complete, manufactured lie) her knowledge of polygraph technology and her use of it, and several other indisputable untruths. She could actually face an felony indictment for some of these lies. Her "credibility" on the Left is entirely based upon feelings and sympathy, when hard, corroborated facts are required.

How many Committee members would be willing to submit their own reputations to uncorroborated charges of attempted rape? These senators all have notorious, credible, accusations to answer for. Look, for example, at Dianne Feinstein who deliberately caused the confusion, Richard Blumenthal who falsely claimed to be a Vietnam war veteran, Mazie Hirono who wants all men to "shut up", Cory Booker who beats women and lies about it, and Kamala Harris, a showboating leftover from her salad days in California with Willie Brown, (in 1994 "Brown, 60, met Kamala Harris, a full 30 years his junior, and she became “the Speaker’s new steady,” “girlfriend” That's where she learned about politics and ethics.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, as a witness in this unconscionably unfair investigation, is a store-bought fraud.

It's time for Republicans to stand up and fight for Judge Kavanaugh, for his fine reputation, for his family. Those who heard the judge relate a touching moment with his 9-year-old daughter, and describe it this way: "And we had a sitting judge who mawkishly told dubious stories of his children "praying for Dr. Ford" have hearts of granite.

It's time for defensive political smash-face with Senate Democrats, to preserve the honor of the Senate.