I think I was born conservative. Though I've always signed-in as a Republican, I'm more of a conservative independent. Republican office holders have never avoided my criticism where necessary. Our present Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for example, has transitioned from well liked, to questionable, to ending up as an utter political disaster.

On the other hand I've always accepted the Democrat Party as normal political opposition, big government, big taxes, with strong liberal bias and the social baggage that comes with that. At least during my adult life Democrats have also espoused moral convictions which are often profoundly opposed to traditional Judeo-Christian principles. This opposition has reached critical mass today.

The treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by the liberal Democrat members of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary is astonishingly outrageous. These minority Democrat members: Patrick Leahy (VT) Dick Durbin (IL) Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Christopher A. Coons (DE) Richard Blumenthal (CT) Mazie Hirono (HI) Cory Booker (NJ) Kamala Harris (CA) are a disgrace to their offices. Booker and Harris, in particular, are prostituting their elected positions to this highest body of legislators, anticipating a run for the presidency themselves. I guess this makes them prostitutes.

Kavanaugh has successfully run the gauntlet of FBI investigations six times during his highly distinguished judicial career. He has not only been determined "highly qualified" by the (very liberal) American Bar Association, but has long been recognized as a brilliant judicial scholar, judge, and wonderful family man. His career is without stain or blemish - unlike senatorial freaks such as Blumenthal, who has lied about being a Vietnam combat Marine, which he is not.

Now, after Kavanaugh has answered thousands of background questions, personal and professional, some flakey Democrat-contributing woman from California (Christine Blasey Ford) is alleging he sexually harassed her 35-years ago, in high school, when she was 15 and he was 17. This is a scandalous, last minute set-up facilitated by some Stanford University group, to slow or kill Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation. A more worthy candidate for the Supreme Court cannot be found.

The reality here is that the Democrat Party is in full panic, hysteria over the immediate possibility that a near-perfect nominee for associate justice will be confirmed - consolidating a strict constructionist Supreme Court. In other words, justices who would rule on the law, rather than the liberal imaginative hopes and dreams of what the Constitution should say - thus creating new law and ignoring the clear language of the Constitution, the liberal way. Liberal Dems find legal rights where they don't exist, and infringe on clearly existing rights which they don't care for.

With the incredible revelations of massive corruption in the FBI, AG, State Department, CIA, NA, and other high agencies, and the Democrat Party, this new attack upon Kavanaugh is the shot which will be heard around this nation. This is a Fort Sumter moment if Kavanaugh is not confirmed to the high court.

My personal opinion of the Democrat Party has been permanently changed. I now see these people and this group as true enemies of our Constitutional Republic. I think this nation is on the brink of political disintegration.