Just a brief note. I just received word of the death of Ray Tilley. He was a cousin and lifelong resident of Fillmore. Ironically, the Gazette was uninformed of his passing, just learning of it from my brother who happened to stop by the office a few minutes ago having returned from the funeral.

Well, these things happen.

Rest in peace Ray.


I have so little time left today I'm just going to comment on a few items on DRUDGE.

Former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance has been pulled by President Trump. Should have been done long ago. How he ever got to run our most secret agency is a mystery. His background is a frightening history of Communist and other radical associations. He was appointed Deputy National Security Advisor, a position which did not require Senate confirmation, then he was approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 5, 2013, to succeed David Petraeus as Director of the CIA. Swapping Petraeus for Brennan was almost treason, despite Petraeus's wrongful act. After studying his political history the average reasonable person should be shocked that Brennan was able to get anywhere near the country's secrets. "So in 1980, John Brennan confessed, 'I voted for the Communist Party with Gus Hall". Read a little about Gus Hall and ask yourself if the intelligence committee was crazy to let him in. Brennan is also a fervent advocate for Sharia Islam.

Good riddance.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper should be next. This is the guy who perjured himself on TV - and was never charged! He had the power over all of America's most secret information. He's among the deepest of Deep State creatures, and he retired into the financially comforting arms of MSNBE, et al.

Looking at the people who have been placed in the country's most sensitive government offices over the past 15 years (especially under Obama) makes me wonder if the nation is safe from anything.

Again,good riddance to booth of these guys.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

"Boys and girls will share restroom in Kansas City..."

Isn't that special? Our schools are becoming cesspools of radical Leftist policy.

"Erdogan says Turkey will boycott US electronics.."

Erdogan of Turkey is a false friend, head of a critically important country. We have nukes stored in this NATO country which should be removed. He has become a Sharia Islamist. The US should keep the pressure on until he releases the American pastor, Andrew Brunson. He hates Christianity - not a big surprise.

I'm out of time.

I think North Korea is a lost cause. So is Iran. China is our biggest threat, with Russia always there to make things worse. We need to rebuild our military - quickly.