By now most Fillmore residents have learned about the plan to launch 44,000 double belly-dump sand trucks from the Grimes Canyon area through Fillmore to Malibu's Broad Beach.

The Ventura Star recently reported that the agreement between Moorpark and the ”Broad Beach Geologic Hazard Abatement District" (impressive ad hoc name - sounds almost governmental) has been recently upheld by "a state court of appeals".

This whole sneaky deal is extraordinary in its entirety; I cannot conceive of any construction project of this size, which would cause such widespread collateral ecological damage - for 20 years. All for the satisfaction of a string of homeowners along Malibu's Broad Beach who have apparently snuggled-up to corrupt state agencies and courts susceptible to the influence of special interests.

The whole plan is so preposterous I have to believe the actors here all belong to the same club. How else can the average reasonable person believe that trucking sand (44,000 one-way trips) from two quarries atop Grimes Canyon, down Highway 126, through Fillmore, Santa Paula, Saticoy (through Oxnard?) onto Highway 101 to Malibu, for 20-years, in any way be reasonable? And this ridiculous plan was approved by our Coastal Commission? Where is the Department of Interior? Crickets.

Think of the deterioration of the roadways, impossible congestion down Grimes Canyon, probability of accidents, all to replenish sand on a beach that has been denuded by the natural effects of wave action. What would be gained if these efforts were quickly reversed by storm action, say after a couple of years work? Would the contract with Moorpark be continually extended? The Star says "The trucks would be allowed to travel through Moorpark only under "unforeseen circumstances," like traffic jams on Highway 126. These traffic jams would be CAUSED by the truck traffic! The court affirmed this agreement due in part to "Moorpark's already congested streets". What about Fillmore's streets? Judge, refer to your equity notes.

I don't have time to explore this critical threat to our part of the county.

One alarming fact: The Grimes Canyon roadway, Highway 23, the only "direct" way to Moorpark, Simi, etc. from Fillmore, will be effectively closed to normal traffic.

This is an example of your court system and state authorities betraying us for a mere $30-million. Might as well be $30-million in silver.


I've wasted too much time on the sand truck scandal, but there's no shortage of scandals these days.

I highly recommend Michael Goodwin's article in the New York Post this week. It is a great summary of conservative angst and frustration with our federal government, entitled "Why it’s time for Trump to play his ace in the hole". "He [Trump] could, in an instant, strike a blow for accountability and transparency by ordering the Justice Department to give Congress everything it wants, subject to very limited restrictions." This would expose Jeff Sessions, Robert Mueller, and Rod Rosenstein to be the villains they are.

The whole, enormous Democrat Party conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump in the 2016 election, with the critical assistance of a crooked FBI and DOJ, is finally there for all rational citizens to see. How can any honest American citizen continue to excuse Hillary when she has been clearly exposed as perhaps the most prolific felon in this country's history? James Comey and his seditious band of Deep State co-conspirators would never have been discovered had Hillary been elected. That is now an established fact, and there's no point in arguing with a fact.

Trump's biggest mistake since his inauguration was to appoint a cipher like Jeff Sessions, who ducked and covered, and in domino fashion, appointed a snake like Rod Rosenstein, who then appointed his bosom buddy Robert Mueller to attack Trump with plenary powers to investigate, with unlimited latitude and funding.

From the beginning Trump called it a setup, a rigged attack upon his candidacy and presidency.

He was right - as usual.

It's time for our President to play the trump card and declassify those documents. Check out Michael Goodwin's article online.