America's judicial system is commonly seen as corrupt due to its capture by the Liberal Left some 50 years ago. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stands out as an obvious example. But the lower courts, where 99 percent of legal decisions are rendered, is tainted as well. It's often big money, political influence, and simply liberal bias and cronyism which places its finger on the legal decision scales. Usually the biased outcome is not unlawful and there is no practical remedy for the common man. It's often an issue of ethics, very often an issue of simple fairness.

While I cannot attribute the decision of a recent state court of appeal upholding most of an agreement between the City of Moorpark and something called the Geologic Hazard Abatement District , for restructuring a beach in Malibu, to most of the above issues I can fault it for unfairness.

In short, this "District" is proposing to cause 400 or more belly-dump sand trucks to deliver sand from Grimes Canyon (through Fillmore) to Malibu's Broad Beach to replenish sand to its depleted shore, on a daily basis - for 20 years. I will have to wait to describe the danger and damage this preposterous plan will cause to Fillmore. For one, it will effectively shut-down Grimes Canyon to normal traffic.

All this danger, damage, and disorder to please private homeowners along the eroded beach. This sort of favoritism trumps even the authority of our Ventura County Supervisors, who oppose the plan.

I would not expect our state's Supreme Court to provide assistance in this case of obvious political bias because it's just another pocket of liberal bias. We need a state Trump, but we're going to get an uber Liberal in Gavin Newsom.
Malibu - go pound sand.


I want to thank Mrs. Kelly Scoles for her letter this week. She is clearly unhappy about my last editorial. I've written "Realities" for the past 32-years and have always invited critical letters in response, with rare success. It gets really boring without some challenge to my admittedly conservative comments. I invite attacks even from my fan.

Let me respond quickly to some complaints. First, my views on "humanity and politics" have always been based on the Judeo-Christian Bible and the US Constitution. I'm frankly one of those persons that Obama disparaged because we "cling to our guns and religion". I don't apologize for that.

I have many friends who are Democrats. My attacks are upon the devious and untrustworthy Democrat Party - not individuals. We can now clearly see the true collusion being disclosed in its attempt to destroy a duly elected president. That is true treason.

Trump is a "strong man" indeed (unlike Obama), but not like President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela. He should be recognized for the remarkable good he has already accomplished in his short time in office.

Funny you should focus on the word "aback". I have never used it before, but it seemed appropriate here. I could have said "surprised" or "startled" but aback seemed better. In a do-over I would probably use "surprised". Trump is often described as a liar, especially by those who take everything literally. People make mistakes and I wish President Trump were more articulate at times. However, compared to so many high-ranking members of the Dem. Party, for example, the scabrous liar Harry Reid, or Comey, Clapper, or Brennan of collusion infamy, he's a saint.

This talk of "normal traditional citizens" is misunderstood. God bless us all. I make no judgment whatsoever in these complicated issues. My point is that many of the innovative protections have been "discovered" in our Constitution by creative liberal justices, and the result has become almost oppressive for traditional Constitutional adherents. For example, I don't want young men entering the girl's bathroom at any time in school or out. This novel idea should be quashed for the protection and dignity of our female citizens. This new license is not to be found in our Constitution, even if alleged to be hiding under those "penumbras." I may also ask, what gives you the right to saddle the country with these new pseudo identifications? Find them for me in our Constitution!

Again, these are not my "personal views", they are rights and privileges chiseled into the Constitutional rock. These "cries for help" are curious - unless I'm crying for help to restore the purity of our Constitution and protect it from further liberal confusion.

I thank you for feeling my "pain" for whatever reason.

God bless President Trump, his family, and our sacred American Constitution.