I have to admit I was a little taken aback by President Trump's comment about Putin's denial of hacking the 2016 U.S. election. But I fully accept his explanation, saying he simply misspoke. But this nation is in danger of a violent conflict between the radical Democrat Left and the traditional Conservative Right. The radical Dems have pushed their free-floating, deranged hatred of our President for so long and so violently that they are on the verge of receiving sharp pushback from the Republican Right. America is now so truly divided between the Loony Left and the Constitutional Right that, much more unjustified agitation from the loons could spark real violence.

We're confronting each other on critical issues of American Constitutional history and tradition. Most of these issues have arisen during the past 50 years and were unheard of before that time. Liberal jurists and legislators, like rust, never sleep. They are constantly eating away at our Constitutional rights and protections. Our Founder's intentions and 200-years of established, hard fought, robust, Judeo-Christian Constitutional traditions, have already eroded.

Two things are happening here. A liberal judiciary and Congress are destroying our traditional Constitutional rights on the one hand and fabricating imaginative, state-of-the-art "rights".

The right to life, explicitly stated in our founding document, now excludes children awaiting birth. A host of newly discovered varieties of humans are now given special protection, particularly in the field of sex identification. These sub-species now crowd-out normal traditional species, for example, at public bathrooms and on our war ships (see anti-urinal disputes aboard new aircraft carriers). The once universal position of fathers and mothers is now confused. Family values are diminished as normal traditional citizens are obliged to forego their religious beliefs and acknowledge the proliferation of other-than-scientifically known male and female species.

The clearest and most specific wording of Constitutional rights are now challenged by liberal Leftist jurists to dilute meaning and diminish our rights - like our Second Amendment. No provision in our Constitution is safe from officious liberal meddling. The "living Constitution" Gurus have had their way for five decades. There is no stopping them without a radical reorganization of our Supreme Court, which is now underway.

The divide between Republicans and Democrats has never been more obvious or destructive. As the scheme enabled by the FBI, DOJ, and other parts of the Deep State continue to be revealed as the greatest criminal conspiracy in American history, the situation should become more obvious to all honest, thinking citizens. Just consider players like John O. Brennan, former member of the Communist Party USA - the former CIA director admitted that he voted for the Communist Party's presidential candidate, Gus Hall, in 1976. This man deserves special scrutiny.

Then we have James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and a host of other unindicted co-conspirators, turning out to be a cast of thousands.

Attacks on our President also obscure a clear vision of the whole US governmental mess, created by the so-called "collusion" investigation. The Robert Mueller investigation is truly a farce, generated to facilitate the impeachment of our President. There was no crime to investigate at the beginning (required for such an independent probe) and if Mueller were really the honest man liberals say he is, he would have never have taken the job because of his serious conflicts of interest.

This is an issue of ethics - they say he is an honorable man, and “Brutus is an honorable man” as well.