It's the Fourth of July again. As I grow older the more this day demands my attention. The Fourth commemorates the greatest triumph of liberty in human history. This was the day in 1776 when people calling themselves Americans threw off the chains of English royal authority and proclaimed themselves citizens of a new democratic republic. Our new nation is now 241years old, having survived numerous conflicts, beginning with Indian wars dating back to the early 17th century. America's survival has always been a bloody struggle, and we have always prevailed - though once ending with a stand-off in Vietnam. America's freedom was bought with millions of American lives.

Except for the fact that America has always celebrated its independence with fireworks, as the reason we celebrate this day recedes from the memory of most Americans, pyrotechnics have just become an annoyance for me.

American citizens, particularly our youth, are not properly educated in our nation's history; they don't know why America is unique among the world's countries, why it is indeed exceptional. Without this essential knowledge they are vulnerable to the lies of seditious liberals seeking to undermine our nation's vitality.

We celebrate America for the freedom we enjoy. From the beginning Americans have formally acknowledged this freedom as a gift from God, not from government. We have been endowed by our Creator with unalienable Rights, such as Life, Liberty, and the freedom to pursue Happiness. We should remember that these rights, being "unalienable," empower the citizens to defend against all attempts to take them from us. Our Declaration of Independence is as much a message to our government as it was to the English crown - leave us alone!

Our rights, stipulated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, place strict limitations on governmental powers. Today, as I think about the condition of our great nation, it's troubling to see evidence of corruption and decline at such a destructive level. Many of the foundational beliefs have been discarded.

That right to life enshrined in our Declaration is ignored by our highest legal authority. It now proclaims that a mother has a substituted "right" to kill her unborn baby - right up to the last minute before normal birth would take place (a "right" Senator Chuck Schumer affirms). The dead baby's skin, and other organs, can thereafter be sold for profit through organizations like Planned Parenthood. All of America would have recoiled in disbelief at this pagan barbarity at any time during the first 200 years of our existence. The law as clearly proclaimed in our Declaration and Constitution has not changed. What has changed is the interpretation of its words by corrupt liberal justices, which has deadened the natural conscience of America. A nation without a conscience is in evil hands. A nation that refuses to protect the most innocent and vulnerable of persons loses its authority to govern. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 America is responsible for 60,069,971 abortions, as I write this. Millions of children will never have a chance at life as God intended. What an unspeakably horrible loss, what a supremely fiendish activity.

President Donald Trump has promised to nominate Pro-Life judges to the Supreme Court bench. This is sufficient for me to overlook any and all objections I have had to any of his negative political comments. Following his actions since the inauguration, I see his social imperfections as being far less than those of King David, who despite that King's flaws, was blessed, as God said: "I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart."

It's also worth remembering that, like King David, who established his capital in Jerusalem 3,000 years ago, our president has established the Embassy of the United States of America in Jerusalem as well, respecting King David's perpetual capital.

At the present time, considering the incredible accomplishments during his mere one and a half years in office, all objections to and aspersions cast upon President Trump are as nothing. He is the man for this season.

God Bless President Trump, his family, and our recovering American nation!