Charles Krauthammer passed away last week. His conservative political column was syndicated on more than 400 publications and he was a star commentator at FOX news for many years.

Krauthammer was famous for the brilliance of his thought as well as his extraordinary perseverance following an accident which severed his spinal cord as a young man. Afterwards, he graduated from Harvard Medical School and attended Oxford, later choosing political journalism. He finally succumbed to cancer, informing his readers that he had only a short time to live.

Rest in peace Charles Krauthammer. You are a brilliant example of the Good Man.


The Democrat dogs of war are loosed from their chains. They are on the scent of anarchy. Once constrained by public opinion, now the wound of electoral failure will not heal. The Democrat Party and its anarchist minions are at large.

It's reported that Party leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez, and the Obama zealots working to undermine Trump's presidency, encourage their members to attack Republicans wherever they find them. This is the violent animus that influenced the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise during the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity last year.

These Democrat anarchists have begun physically harassing and targeting anyone working for the Trump organization. Sarah Huckabee, the president's Press Secretary, with family members, was driven from a restaurant because she worked for Trump. Several other Trump administration members are also being harassed by Democrat "Never Trumpers." These events include actual assaults.

It's only a question of time before these anarchists encounter retaliation in self-defense. Such a reaction, of course, is precisely what they want - confusion and chaos.

Ultimately, this could prove to be Fort Sumter, supported by our Second Amendment.


But conservatives should not be too discouraged by the Democrat anarchists. This has been a great month for making America great again. Two critically important decisions have come down from our Supreme Court. The first affirms the president's broad authority over the nation's immigration. The president can halt immigration from any country he deems to be a threat to the peace or security of the United States. All of those contemptible, politically corrupt U.S. District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeal (see 9th Circuit) have been slapped-down. This doesn't mean that they will now behave themselves, but they are about to be put in place, ultimately obliged to follow the law instead of injecting their pet views on alleged Constitutional flexibility and the use of foreign law. Federal courts have been the scourge of the Constitution for decades. God willing, Trump's fresh nominees will clean-up our judicial system.

After this decision we no longer have to admit Jihadist Muslims to America.