The great scientist Stephen Hawking has passed away. He popularized science for the world, and was responsible for many extraordinary discoveries. He knew more than the rest of the world about the universe but didn't recognize its Creator.
Rest in peace Dr. Hawking. Now you really understand our universe.


There was a time when I admired Rand Paul. That time has passed. He has become the Republican Party's Chief RINO. This time around he says he will block Mike Pompeo's appointment to Secretary of State. Mr. Pompeo is perhaps the brightest and most effective public servant we have. His short experience as CIA Director will sharpen his skills at State. Every effort should be made to secure his appointment.


"Gina Cheri Haspel is an American intelligence officer serving as the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency". Rand Paul has vowed to block her appointment as well.

She's a great pick for this position. Women should cheer her as first of her kind to be appointed to Director.
Solution to Paul's blockade? Leave her in as Deputy Director and keep the Director position empty. She could be something like a Director without portfolio - but with full powers!


Putin is a thug, but more than that, he's a serial killer. Britain should hurt him as much as possible by cutting financial ties. And, Trump should follow, extending the financial pain.

Just in: "We will freeze Russian state assets wherever we have the evidence that they may be used to threaten the life or property of UK nationals or residents," May said.

Russia today can be described as a third world nation with a first world military. It has an economy smaller than that of Canada. We should break Putin's bloody Russia like we broke the decrepit Soviet Union - economically.