Good news! Due to the mutual cooperation of our City Manager Dave Rowlands, and Postmaster Bill Thompson, we are about to have our drive-through postal deposit boxes restored to their original locations at the rear of the Post Office.

We can thank our City Manager for his incredibly quick move to completely rebuild the concrete island for the boxes, and adding steel bollards to protect the boxes from the traffic. The concrete work was a work of art!

Thanks to our Post Master for replacing the boxes in repainted condition.

This was truly a big deal, especially for elderly (me) and handicapped patrons.


America has never suffered from a shortage of enemies. Today, it has a glut of enemies, many nuclear armed or about to become so.

The world can be divided between nations espousing traditions of freedom and those who have successfully enslaved their populations through variants of Communist ideology, or Sharia Law. That's a simplification but fairly states the reality.
Russia became an oligarchy following the USSR collapse in the early 1990s. Control of the 15 "republics" in the Soviet Union after 1990 were gobbled-up by the Oligarchs. Whoever at that time had the muscle (guns) simply helped themselves to the most valuable assets in national oil, gas, electrical, etc., and became instant billionaires. They are all criminals, with Putin the head of a Russian National Mafia now.

China has a similar Communist tradition. Like Russia, following Lenin and Stalin, hundreds of millions of Chinese (perhaps 400 million) were murdered by various methods to secure absolute power in Mao Zedong. China, following Richard Nixon's trip to visit Mao, adopted western economic systems and became financially successful, and perhaps our most dangerous enemy. Islamic Sharia Law, the third most deadly challenge to free world values, is arming itself in Iran with atomic weapons in its determination to dominate the earth, after destroying all Dhimmi (non-believers in Islam).

So, it's gratifying to hear our FBI Director Chris Wray reiterate a clear warning about China's infiltration of our nation, in its pursuit of world domination.

Today, our freedom is so threatened by these determined enemies that we should begin to support President Trump in his efforts to strengthen America's economy and military defense. It's past time to drop all the sniveling liberal backstabbing and slander against him.

A note to Democrat Party minions: Donald Trump is our new, duly elected President.

Get over it, because you're not going to change it, by any means. He's working to keep us safe from the above demons of anti-democracy.