Well, I'm glad the issue of our two outside, drive through postal collection boxes has been solved. Thanks to Fillmore City Manager David Rowlands, and Postmaster Bill Thompson, the former location to the rear of the post office will be reconditioned to receive the boxes again.

Since their removal traffic on Central has been really bad, as well as foot traffic.

Kudos to our City Manager and Postmaster!


The greatest political scandal in American history continues to unfold.

We have become so used to hyperbolic language these days, especially from liberal politicians and their media minions, that when the facts actually demand dramatic language, its use doesn't seem to register as emphatically as it should.

In the case of the fraudulent accusations against President Trump, pretend that I am standing on a soap box, shouting at the top of my lungs, through a megaphone. This is a true political crisis, where true felonious political actors have betrayed our constitution as never before. Extraordinary as it seems, we have been victims of a huge, elaborate, treasonous conspiracy by persons who harbor hateful mental aberrations against President Trump. Just as alarming, these conspirators are holders of the highest offices in the nation, and entire television networks.

Looking at the whole scene from a safe distance, it's becoming very clear that our FBI, CIA, DOJ, State Department, Democrat Party, and others, have colluded in an attempt to derail President Trump's initial candidacy, transition to office, and post election activity, in order to destroy his presidency.

This situation is so boldly iniquitous that one has to pause and contemplate the scene. It turns out that the alleged "collusion" of Trump with the Russians was actually collusion by the Clintons, Democrat Party, and government offices with the Russians against Trump.

There is no room for Republicans to gloat here. A truly dangerous series of treasonous acts is being uncovered. No one should complain about any of the recently declassified "notes". Let's let it all come out. What we need most of all are facts. No one can argue against facts. Let them fall where they may, on either side. The American people must know the facts in order to assign guilt, repair the damage, and punish the felons responsible for this treason.

Hyperbole isn't necessary here because the facts alone cry out for exposure and explanation. Government officers at the highest level, and holdovers from the Obama administration (and it appears Obama himself) with Democrat Party miscreants and 90 percent of the media, are seeking to destroy the Trump administration, with the use of Russian intelligence. They are attempting to unseat a duly elected president. This has never happened before.

This is more than a swamp, it is wholesale fungal dry rot in the ship of state. It's been there too long. One remedy - term limits - on both office holders and the government bureaucracy.

Once the facts are on the table, and the culprits identified and convicted, we should all wait for the sound of slamming steel doors. Will these criminal dignitaries be convicted and jailed for their crimes - even Hillary? That answer will tell us whether our Constitution still applies to liberals.