The return of postal delivery boxes to their former location at the rear of the post office building is going to take some cooperation and effort - and more public comment.

I've discussed the problem with Postmaster William B. Thompson but have just recently (this a.m.) contacted Fillmore City Manager David Rowlands for comment.

The two drive-through boxes served patrons for decades before their recent removal and relocation to the sidewalk in front of the post office building. This relocation is a bad idea. It is clogging traffic on Central Avenue, greatly inconveniencing elderly and handicapped patrons, and forcing patrons to drive around the block (often more than once) to find a parking place.

If the public wants the boxes to return it will have to speak out.


I thought the President's State of the Union speech last night was magnificent. I only worry about his idea for so-called Dreamers. We have to cut-out the chain immigration altogether, as well as the incredibly stupid "Lottery". This last plan had to have been a Democrat idea, it is just so profoundly stupid. The only logical immigration plan, regardless of structure, must focus only on personal merit! American citizenship really is a precious commodity - more of us should understand that.

The behavior of most Democrats during this historic speech was largely, and typically, disgraceful. These members showed only contempt for President Trump's sincere effort to heal some political wounds and unify the nation in the face of unprecedented world challenges.

Democrats, particularly Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, sat with sour expressions, refusing to applaud almost any part of the speech, while that disgusting little congressional mouse Luis Gutierrez (Illinois) fled the House Chamber when the chant "USA!, USA!, USA!" broke out. Keep running, Luis, or you might become a loyal patriot!

The speech was great - and so is the job President Trump is doing, despite pathetic, maniacal Democrat Party obstruction.


I was saddened, and almost alarmed, at hearing U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. has announced he will not seek re-election, saying his skills “are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress.”

He has been a stalwart Representative for South Carolina - and the nation. He is a uniquely tenacious Member, working to drain the swamp. I hope he changes his mind.


Among Trump's most important statements in his State of the Union speech was his urging Congress to end the deadly sequestration of the military budget. We ignore this at the nation's clear and present peril. Let's hope that Congress can show that it is not entirely untrustworthy by re-building our military. The enemy is at the gate!