The greatest commercial undertaking in Fillmore's history is underway.

Rotorcraft Support, Inc. has come to town!

Rotorcraft will be accompanied by a second business, The Guardian, a company dedicated to fighting forest fires; it employs approximately 15 full time men who will be at fire sites 9 months of the year. Those employees will be training in Fillmore when not attending to fires.

Rotorcraft Support, Inc. will bring in 58 full-time employees. The property itself is owned by a Rotorcraft affiliate.
This development was facilitated by our City Manager, David Rowlands, assisted by Fillmore City Planner Kevin McSweeney and staff - both doing extraordinary work for our city. Kudos to both.

So, it is the season to be grateful for this serendipitous happening - Rotorcraft and Guardian will be up-and-running about the same time our new 3-story housing development is expected to be opened, around 2018-2019. By then, another big plan will have been brought to fruition - our huge new County Fire station. The combination of our already famous Fillmore Volunteer Fire Department, our new County Fire Station, and The Guardian fire service, together with our outstanding Ventura County Sheriff's sub-station, should make Fillmore the safest town in the county.

These two new business developments will cause a commercial surge in Fillmore and spark more growth in our Business Park.
This is truly a new day for our city.


After all of this good news I am reluctant to begin writing of the bad in our world.

With so many cultural distractions confronting us being the top headline on Drudge this morning - in red font, we almost forget the imminent mortal danger America faces with North Korea, China, Iran, and Russia.

For years now we American citizens have been assured by our devious, feckless and corrupted government engineers that North Korea and Iran cannot and will not become nuclear threats. And the talk was repeated by both parties while in power. The last 8 years under Obama was a complete sell-out of national security while this political slick-talking dandy schmoozed with our enemies.

There is hardly time to deal with such treachery now. It's time to fix bayonets and assume the position of readiness. Negotiate all you want but that's a fool's undertaking. North Korea has outfoxed us for the last time. Mr. Ratus Horribilis Un has finally shown the world that he was not kidding about having atomic weapons, and intercontinental missiles to go with them. Why would we doubt his vaunted claims to possession of thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs, which can be smaller in size while delivering 1,000-times more destruction?

We can be sure now that he has both, and the means to deliver them anywhere in the world. The single issue is - how can we stop him? With Un's complete targeting of South Korea's capital city by hair trigger artillery manned by fearsomely dedicated troops, under orders to fire at the first show of enemy force, it's a daunting issue to be sure. We can attack those arms preemptively, threatening the South Korean capital, and move on up the peninsula with smaller, atomic weapons. Or we can capitulate and assure another communist nuclear threat to the West, forever.

I would shoot first and fast.