The City of Fillmore is facing one of the greatest threats to its future ever. Last night the City Council did the right thing by deciding to notify the Environmental Protection Agency that it strongly opposes Seneca Oil's proposal to extend its fracking operation closer to our aquifer.

Our very deep and ancient aquifer, near the confluence of Sespe Creek and the Santa Clara River, is responsible for the fact that Fillmore has never suffered a true drought. We are essentially water independent. I think we are unique among southern California cities in this regard. Elsewhere, water has to be piped-in from the central valley aqueduct or the Colorado River.

Fillmore must defend this rare and precious supply of drinking water by all lawful means. We are apparently late to the fight, with State and Federal approval already lined up for the Seneca fracking extension.

It's time to write our state and federal senators. This is not just another protest against fracking. This is a demand that our unique fresh water aquifer be protected. If something should happen to allow any contaminants from this special method of oil extraction to contaminate our aquifer, it could never be cleaned-up, we would lose our water independence, and have to depend on the aqueduct.

Let's fight for our water independence! Write to your state and federal senators and representatives asking them to halt this dangerous extension.


We are about to witness the single greatest political scandal in American history. It involves two former presidents, two former attorney generals, an assistant attorney general, two former FBI directors, and what appears to be an additional cast of thousands.

It is almost unbelievable. That swamp we keep hearing about is about a mile deep and twice as poisonous. Democrats have been harping for more than a year on the alleged "collusion" between the Trump organization and Russia. The accusations never stopped, till now. After an exhaustive witch hunt the nation can clearly see this alleged collusion never existed. The whole charade was designed to cover up a true criminal collusion between Hillary Clinton's crowd of liars and thieves, Russian operatives - and Putin himself. This was a wholesale sellout of American security.

The scope of this criminal conspiracy is just breathtaking. I can no longer believe in the fidelity of the FBI, CIA, State Department, Attorney General's office, IRS, as they now function. This is wholesale federal corruption on an unparalleled scale. We will surely see this corruption in all departments of government that functioned under the Obama presidency. It will take years to sort-out these corrupt connections and crimes - at a time of unprecedented military threats to our nation.

It is no longer a wonder that President Trump is incessantly attacked from every side, including his own party. Regardless of how offended or disturbed by his political or social tactics, he, and his tactics, are exactly what is needed to effectively drain the swamp. Can anyone see Hillary Clinton doing this job? She and her friends compose the stench of the swamp. I don't apologize for once referring to Hillary as the Bitch Goddess of Untruth - though it did cost me a particular subscription - from an agitated lady with beautiful handwriting. Hillary Clinton is no lady! She is a criminal among criminals.

Now, we need a more forceful Attorney General to bring the indictments against Hillary and her gang. If that happens my faith in government will be restored.