No matter what words are used to express grief, sorrow, and anger at the criminal slaughter of innocents as happened in Las Vegas this week, they are empty. How difficult it is to try to understand such evil, and the person who patiently plotted to assure its success.

After the screech "why?" - we thunder for an answer to "How?" - how can this be stopped? How wretched can a human soul become to do a thing like this? Unfortunately we can take little comfort, and find few answers when we look to human history. Evil is as old as creation, and Good has always been absent, too slow, or too cowardly to stop it.

Whether it's a "religion" that exalts in the crucifixion of children, sex slaves, mutilation of women, and the burning alive of its adversaries (Sharia law) or the demented individual who sheds his conscience in exchange for animal status, it shakes normalcy to its core. Someone tell us why these affronts to God happened: The Nazi Genocide, The Rwandan Genocide, The War in Darfur, The Zunghar Genocide, The Armenian Genocide, The Bangladesh Atrocities, The Communist Holodomor (Soviet famine-Ukraine), The Great Leap Forward.

And tell us why so many continue to deny this phenomenon of evil.

I can tell the world one thing for certain: The tools of these extraordinary mass murders were not responsible. It was not the knives, swords, blunt instruments, stones, or guns that caused these murderous events - it was the men who held them, and the ideas that drove them to do such horrendous things to other human beings.

Only a fool can fail to understand the difference between an inanimate object and a criminal act, between the tool and the criminal. It is the action of the criminal, not the existence of an object, that is the responsible cause. What should worry sensible people here is the fact that this difference has to be explained to half the populace - over and over again. If I had the authority I would demand that the subject of LOGIC be taught at all levels of high school. It may be too late for most at the college level, their professors have already convinced them of their omniscience.

With the rest of the nation, I grieve over, and pray for, the victims of the Los Vegas attack. But I also brace myself for another coming war against firearms by the well-funded (and ill intentioned) armies of radical Democrat anarchists who haven't yet learned to think correctly.

Our Second Amendment is nearly at the top of the list because the Founders knew radicals would always try to disarm the people. The Second Amendment is absolutely necessary for the defense of the other nine in our Bill of Rights. James Madison understood this and so do those who think logically and love freedom.