Former FBI Director Robert Mueller's most important mission is to destroy President Trump and as many associates as possible. Former Director James Comey has been a close friend of Mueller's for more than 25 years, yet Mueller is tasked with investigating Comey. This conflict of interest is both incredibly improbable and obviously unlawful. But nothing is done about it.

Trump should fire Mueller, another dirty cop, despite the uproar that will follow.

The President is in serious danger from the radical Left and those several billionaires, like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer and George Soros’s own son, Jonathan, who fund many powerful anarchist groups.

It's hard to understand why Trump doesn't clean-out the liberal Leftists who are undermining his administration.


The NFL, and all professional sports leagues who have chosen to disrespect our flag, our national anthem, and therefore our great nation, should be boycotted. The only thing most of the members of these teams respect is money (averaging $2.4million per year) so it's time to cost them a few dollars. Don't buy team colors, stay away from the games, and be verbal in our disrespect for them. I may not have graduated from high school without my love of football.

I don't watch football games for their political messages; I watch to get away from politics for a short time. Colin Kaepernick wants to be a free agent - let him float away.

Direct TV will refund the cost of its football package if done in protest. Check it out.

And all the coaches who have encouraged our youth to "take the knee" during the playing of our national anthem (including 3rd graders!) should be publically identified, and fired.


Mr. Ratus horribilis Un of North Korea says he will begin to shoot down U.S. military aircraft after being insulted by President Trump by being called Little Rocket Man. Well, nations have gone to war for less (see the War of Jenkin's Ear). China has always had the unique ability to take negotiations to the very edge before giving-in, and China is in full control over North Korea, despite appearances. So if North Korea does in fact shoot down a U.S. bomber, or set-off a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, we will know for sure the tether to China has been broken. Still unlikely.

But North Korea's nuclear factories must be destroyed. They are assembling many atomic bombs, and now, so-called hydrogen bombs. The latter can be 1,000-times more powerful than a traditional "atom bomb" and can be smaller, which facilitates the construction of nuclear missiles, and their greater range.

Just as dangerous, or even more, is North Korea's traffic in nuclear bomb technology (hello internet) and fissile material - uranium and plutonium, to other eager bomb makers like Iran.

Let's also not forget that fissile materials North Korea (and Iran) have been making are deadly in themselves as "dirty bombs". They can render huge areas uninhabitable for hundreds of years.

Then, shall we think about Electro Magnetic Pulse threat? This could wipe out our entire electric grid, especially as wobbly as it is. No computers, phones, cars, planes, etc. Then, the man with the mechanical typewriter, plenty of paper and a bicycle would be king. Ironically, the federal EMP commission is ENDING its work this September 30. I guess they see no danger in this greatest threat.

I don't mean to be cynical here, just want to emphasize the importance of destroying Mr. Un's bomb and missile works.

After more than 30-years-worth of negotiations, it should be clear to reasonably intelligent humans that further negotiations with North Korea on this issue are just dangerously foolish.

Time, once wasted, can't be retrieved. The time that the free world has wasted negotiating with intransigent communist North Korea has strengthened its hand to the point where there is nothing more to negotiate.

If we don't initiate a preemptive strike on North Korea soon, Mr. Un, under the auspices of communist China, will call Check Mate - and Iran will follow suit.

That scenario would prove to be the greatest loss to the free world, ever.