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So Mr. Un from North Korea didn't attack Guam after all, and Japan, South Korea and Los Angeles seem safe for the time being. That doesn't change a thing. More diplomatic words will accomplish nothing. Ultimately North Korea will deploy a multiplicity of nuclear weapons. Our archenemies, Russia, China, and Iran will continue to encourage and supply North Korea with more of the same.

We should worry, in particular, about small nuclear weapons. Doing a little research on historic US efforts to miniaturize these things I came up with one of the smallest of these devices, what was called the Davy Crockett. It was a recoilless spigot gun (much like a mortar, with a 1.7-mile trajectory) that was developed in the late 1950s for use against Soviet and North Korean armor and troops in case war broke out in Europe or the Korean peninsula. It weighed about 50 pounds. I can't see why any interested military power today should have any trouble hammering one of these things together. Something so small needs no large missile to launch, from land, sea, or air.

Ultimately, Mr. Un will have to be destroyed. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but this just a fact of life if we wish to continue living freely.


While I'm worrying about American freedom, so closely bound to our superior military might, how about that newest of multi-billion-dollar aircraft carriers? By golly, the Navy has done it again (I don't mean crashing another multi-billion-dollar super destroyer into another commercial tanker or cargo ship). I mean it has made a supreme, unprecedented contribution to sexual equality. Our newest and greatest aircraft, the USS Ford, has been built without urinals.

"Amid all its upgrades and advances, the US Navy's newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, is lacking one feature: urinals.” Every bathroom on the Ford is, for the first time, gender-neutral, equipped with flush toilets and stalls, according to Navy Times.

Isn't that just special? I hope the men who man this behemoth will leave the seats up! I'm going to do a little more research on this remarkable design feature. I'm wondering if the naval architects and engineers were sufficiently gender conscious to provide bedets and vanities as well.

What in the hell has happened to our Navy?! The Navy was first to waffle under gender neutral pressure. The Obama White House led the way by appointing flakey top brass and cabinet appointees. It's time for America to re-activate some male testosterone. Our military services are built and trained to kill people and blow things up. That's what it's all about.

Obama's weak military and civilian "leaders" have made us a laughingstock within the ranks of our enemies.
It's time to clear the decks of so-called transgender troops. Let's see if Trump continues to be a man of his word.