Congratulations are in order to our City Council members for their unanimous vote, at last night's meeting, to keep medical marijuana cultivation out of Fillmore.

Several members struggled to overcome the temptation of easy money from pot. The money can be huge, and Fillmore sure could use some of it to lower our water bills, pave roads, and support our swimming pool. Money usually wins out over morals. The construction of that sort of plantation would have stained Fillmore's reputation forever, and our children would have seen us, likewise forever, as hypocrites.

For those of us who care about such things, this vote is evidence of good character.

Again, congratulations, Council.


Our world is growing more dangerous day by day, as never before.

I would be less concerned about America's safety if Obama had not squandered our defense system for 8 long years. Combine his near criminal negligence with his foolish diplomacy and extraordinary naiveté about the atomic nature of our evil enemies (Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and ubiquitous Islamic terrorism) and we are on the cusp of all-out war.

While North Korea seems most immediately dangerous, each of these aggressive enemies will not hesitate to join the fray with the U.S. once the inevitable match is struck. What then?

Thanks to our recent history of unpreparedness, it's largely too late for us to circle the wagons. I sometimes think I'm the only person in the US who has voiced some concern about what we use to call civil defense. The clear and present danger of atomic attack from North Korea is real. I've listened with dismay over the past 10 years or so as our "experts" kept saying, "North Korea may have an intercontinental missile in 8 or 10 years". Well they now have it.

They haven't produced their new weapons through native ingenuity. The launchers are identified as made in China. Most of this deadly stuff has been given to North Korea by China, and Russia, while a open source in atomic information is traded with Iran as well. This is why North Korea has been so astonishingly quick to acquire the technology.

China is the main enemy. They are using North Korea as a franchise. China has no fear that North Korea would ever dare to attack it. The same holds true of Russia, and Iran. They all stand amused at the prospect of Kim Jong-un throwing his next atomic tantrum. Kim has always been immune to the West's sanctions. He needs nothing - China provides everything. He has many and various missiles, capable of ship, sea, and ground launch to chose from.

We have done nothing to create an effective civil defense system. Where would we go; what would we be expected to do, in the event of an atomic attack? Sounds like a question from a 1950's comic book. Who has an answer at this late date? I sure don't.