President Trump has taken another major step towards strengthening our armed forces by banning all so-called transgender people from serving. This is evidence of his determination to drain the military swamp which Obama stocked with many disordered individuals.

The presence of these individuals within the ranks of traditional Judeo-Christian troops causes distraction and division. All traditionally oriented Christians know this, only those in support of transgender inclusion reject this reality. The whole LGBT agenda is fundamentally anathema to traditional Christian religion. No amount of political or financial bullying by this group or movement can ever change that fact. While individuals belonging to this group should never be wrongfully treated, they in turn have no right to inflict their beliefs upon those who practice Christian ethics and morals. The two can never accommodate each other. True freedom of choice and conscience demand a permanent distinction.

During Obama's 8 years in office, he forced his liberal will on weak leaders, including military leaders. He exposed his true colors when he showed that his most important campaign promises were unveiled to be bold lies. From his Obamacare promises to his feigned opposition to same-sex marriage, all were lies, intended for consumption by fools. Otherwise he would not have been elected. The electorate was fooled - twice. During his time he released a moral wrecking ball into traditional American government ; it will take years to recover.

His choice for Secretary of Defense, Ashton B. Carter, also opened all combat roles to women and appointed the first openly gay Army secretary. These are fundamentally corrosive to good order and military cohesion. Carter did some beneficial things for the military, but his decisions promoted "conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline" an idea recognized as damaging to military success for hundreds of years. This is also a prime example of political correctness championed by the radical Liberal Left which has demoralized Christian military men and women.

Obama fantasized over the moral infection he injected in our military, and weak military leaders cheered him on. I recall him praising an Army general living with her lesbian colonel friend on base. How many service men could salute that situation? Does anyone have any sympathy for the average, normal Christian service man or woman these days?

I have no ill will towards any LGBT followers; I do have a duty to "resist" any attacks they launch against traditional American military morals and good order. That deserves a good fight. Normal Christian service men and women deserve respect as well. They also have the right to defend the Christian culture into which they were born, raised, and now serve their country in our military. Say that in Obama's military and you would have been court martialed and dismissed from service.

Even the discussion of these issues incites a hate storm. People lacking factual convictions will always seek to disrupt a truthful dialogue, or, more frequently, employ violence to stop the conversation altogether. We see this, I'm ashamed to say, most frequently in our colleges and universities. This is evidence of the fact that most of these institutions have been infiltrated by the Left. Most of these places no longer see themselves a marketplace of ideas, formal argument and peaceful debate. Instead they have become pools of ignorant, hard Left ideologues, "useful idiots", and anti-Christian neo-socialist anarchists. They are proud of their status.

So, I salute President Trump for being a man of his word. He is quickly restoring America's governmental morals and military pride.

God bless him for that.