It's sad to see a major business like Burger King leave town. The sign on the door says that the lease is over. I would like to see an Italian restaurant come in.


He's back! Al Gore says there's still time. For a man who has made millions promoting the greatest scam in world history, I have to ask why he needs another book. AL GORE: 'There'$ $till time to avoid cata$trophe'

When I think of the sheer scale of this monstrous climate deception it boggles the mind. Is Global Warming Science Just A Fraud?

No other hoax in history has had the power that human-generated climate change has. Climate has always been changing; that's just nature doing it's thing. Extreme changes, from desert climate to Ice Age freezing is normal over time. To attribute an alleged disastrous change in climate to purely human activity has not been proven, especially by the use of fraudulent "scientific" calculations.

Trillions of dollars (U.S. tax dollars) are at stake. Honest scientists have refuted the claims of climate change globalists. China and India, the world's two dirtiest carbonizers, are too smart to cooperate with Al Gore's game plan in any significant way, i.e. beyond mere words.


I listened to a few minutes of Rush Limbaugh's program yesterday. He believes that the "establishment" including a significant number of the president's own party, together with the media and virtually all Democrats, compose the opposition to Trump's agenda. That's a formidable army to fight. Most bothersome are the Fifth-Columnists within the Republican Party.

I agree with Rush when he says none of these people want to close-out Obama care. They all support the idea of a single-payer plan, that is national health care, which means the take-over of up to a fifth of the nation's business. They are all, at heart, big government supporters - they love the Leviathan.

The politicians and talking heads continually speak of the complexity of our health care system. But it doesn't have to be complicated. Dr. Josh Umbehr, MD, has initiated a system he calls “direct medicine” or “direct primary care.” The savings can be extraordinary.

"The affordability comes from eliminating the red tape; standardizing revenue with a membership model; using wholesale cost for medications, lab tests, and supplies; and reducing the number of employees needed to run a practice. Once you do this, health care becomes incredibly affordable.

In a standard model, a doctor would have seven to ten employees per physician—largely to process the insurance claims. With our model, we’re able to reach an efficiency that allows us to have one staff member—one registered nurse—per three physicians. So right there we’re able to pass along enormous savings to the patient."

Dr. Josh Umbehr on the Concierge Medicine Revolution

Ari Armstrong


Science and Technology

From The Objective Standard, Vol. 8, No. 3.

This type of medical health plan is truly revolutionary. Everyone should view this video and read this interview by Ari Armstrong.

Congress should throw out the entire idea of Obama Care, and all other similar health care ideas being proffered by our politicians.

Again, I urge everyone who wants to find the best sort of health care (efficient and affordable) to read about " Concierge Medicine". It's truly the American way to get the job done.

Then, it's time for the Republican Party to purge itself of its RINOs. The Democrat Party is too far gone for anything but major surgery.