I have to apologize for having missed last night's council meeting. I cannot lie, it was my fault. I was watching a program on Alaska and just forgot.


The DRUDGE REPORT headlined a story about a man who mailed his severed finger into the IRS. I didn't read the whole thing, but the question remains, which finger was it?


A satanic monument is planned for a veterans memorial cemetery in Minnesota. "The monument going up for The Satanic Temple — features an upturned helmet atop a black cube — will soon be at the site of the Veterans Memorial Park in Belle Plaine.”

This is another example of just how thoroughly Liberal-Leftist action has infected our country. Last week I published an obituary in memory of a high school classmate who served 5 tours in Vietnam, earning a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star, and rank of Master Sergeant. I think of the millions of American heroes who gave their lives in the service of their country - not in service to Satan.

How could we explain this sort of vile blasphemy to our Founding Fathers? Was this sort of outrage ever contemplated by them when our First Amendment was conceived? Does such an infamous use relate in any logical way to freedom of religion?

Satanism must be recognized as the antithesis of religion, which is the worship God. Satanism can never have a part in religion as historically understood, and has never been protected under our First Amendment since Ratified in 1791. Satanism is a formal rejection of God, and therefore a rejection of religion. This idea was essential to the Founder's original intent. They had no idea that more than two centuries later radical Liberal anarchists would try to justify Satan worship by imbuing it with First Amendment protection. It's not that the Founders were naive, they just lived in a time of much higher Christian moral standards.

Satanism's rejection of religion could never have been more widely broadcast than at the moment Satan was damned for eternity with all his cohorts. That moment made the "big bang" look small by comparison. Satan became eternity's biggest loser, and the exclusive worship of God was reaffirmed. So religion and non-religion became forever distinguished, and was understood as such by our Founders when they penned that special freedom into our First Amendment to the Constitution. Religion was understood to be the exclusive worship of God. Satanism was recognized as an anti-religious, eternal black hole.

Put another way, as should be expected, God acted to define "religion" perfectly as a reflection of His sovereignty (First Commandment). That, at least, was what the Founders understood and believed. They knew their Christian Bible and saw to it that the themes of American law agreed with distinct fidelity. Peruse the pages of that great book, Blackstone's Commentaries, to rid any doubt about the extent to which American law firmly includes Christian Biblical thought.

I have wondered too far... This is what happens when I read of infamous attempts to project Satanism onto sacred ground, especially after learning of so many attacks against Christian monuments.

If America has fallen so low that it must, by law, accommodate every bastard, infernal Leftist desire, contrary to our sacred traditions, it's time for a massive institutional revolution.

I think, and hope, this is what President Trump with his fresh Supreme Court plans, will accomplish.