The Democratic Party fighting cocks have come home to roost, with their spurs covered with fresh blood.

Today, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot by a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter who was out to kill Republicans. I'm sick of the Liberal media blaming conservatives for the violence taking place all over America. I'm waiting for the Liberals to launch their typical attack on lawful gun owners now, and firearms in general. It's all a vicious lie to cover Liberal naiveté.

Trump's unprecedented electoral win has caused the Democrat Left to slip into pathological instability, and a state of political civil war now exists.

This description is not hyperbolic. One has only to review the thousands of psychotic expressions of searing personal hatred of Donald Trump to understand this. Trump's win has set off an emotional tectonic movement within the ranks of the Liberal-Left. This is an historic demonstration of Liberal-Left cerebral rot, an intense Antisocial Personality Disorder. This explains Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Kathy Griffin, all of the cable news programs excepting FOX, nearly all of Hollywood, nearly all of academia, and Never-Trumpers.

This is a snapshot of reality today in the United States. It's a picture of free-floating, irrational, self-sustaining hate, the core of a radical Liberal-Democrat. Its only justification - to destroy the product of American Constitutional democracy.

This white hot Liberal political degeneracy will very soon morph into an in-your-face, bloody conflagration. We are headed from a true political civil war to a physical civil war.

Just think of the huge amount of time and expense wasted on false news reports of alleged Russian collusion with the Trump camp. Nothing whatever has been uncovered. But watch the Liberal cable stations to see this determination to get Trump thrown out of office, or completely interfere with his agenda. Nothing on this scale has ever happened in American politics before.

Former FBI Director Comey should have been fired long ago. Actually, he should never have been allowed to come into the Trump administration from the Obama team. When he refused to indict Hillary Clinton on any of the numerous felonies she committed his status as a dirty cop became obvious.

The Democrat Party is bringing our nation down, at a time of maximum military peril. I believe our political system is falling apart. Our courts, and most of our judicial system is corrupt, particularly the Circuit Courts of Appeal - which handles most of our trials.

America may be distracted at the present time, but Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran are focused like lasers. The Bard would describe them as having lean and hungry looks.