I might as well start out with some happy news - our Swimming Pool Opens Monday, May 29 at 6:30 AM. Join in the fun!

Dog lovers will also be happy to learn that Fillmore will soon have that long-awaited DOG PARK.


Our city has made incredible progress, which can be seen in our new 2017-18 budget. See it in full at Our City Council and City Manager, David Rowlands, can be proud of their work.


Like him or not, much credit has to be given to President Trump for his successful trip to the Middle East and Europe. The Arabs show great respect for him and have a new commitment to work with him to defeat radical Islamic terror. One of the largest trade deals ever made can be attributed to Trump's influence. The world has come to know Donald Trump as a true, strong leader - everything that Barack Obama never was. The Arabs feel stronger and more confident facing the likes of Iran.

Let's give credit where it's due!

Now, it's time to tone-down the politics and pass a health bill and a new federal budget. It's also time to catch those, Republicans and Democrats, who are committing felonies by leaking national secrets. I'm astonished by the most recent leaking of private conversations by the President. We may just run out of secrets to leak. DOJ, FBI - get moving!

North Korea's missile and atomic weapons capabilities must, soon, be destroyed. It would be a horrendous undertaking, placing South Korea and Japan in tremendous jeopardy, but it must be done to defend the U.S. as well as our allies.

Iran should also be on the front sight. Since North Korea and Iran have shared atomic secrets for years, it's naive to think North Korea has not shared its atomic bomb technology with Iran. Therefore we should assume Iran has the same bomb know-how as North Korea, i.e. has the bomb. Both countries have advanced missiles.

Russia and China have both contributed to Iran's and North Korea's nuclear capabilities, for years. So, with this nest of vipers frantically developing their ability to make war, we should expect to be in a new war very soon.
Will the Senate and House see to it that our military is prepared? Our military is so dangerously depleted of men, ships, aircraft and necessary defensive technology, we are extraordinarily vulnerable. One quick example: We have no mobile electromagnetic pulse weapon to counter Russia's, and probably China's. Do a search - this is huge. Again, I'm sorry to be in such a hurry this week.