I had to miss an opportunity last week to rant against the KB Home plan to build 104 housing units at the southern end of Central Avenue - including 77 three-story condos. It maddens me that our Planning Commission would approve such a structural nightmare for our city.

The 3-story condominium concept will always be a loser. Three stories-worth of stairs is a substantial inconvenience, and more of a challenge to our emergency departments. Climbing three flights of stairs with fire department equipment is much more difficult than fighting a fire on the first or second floor.

377 residents are projected to live in the 144 units, but it's unrealistic to believe this number will not be exceeded. And as for the estimated 233 new cars for those 377 new residents - does anyone believe this number will not be exceeded? And what about motorcycles and motor homes? Just imagine how hectic the traffic will be, especially on Central Avenue and River Streets, already too narrow. We can count on anger-inducing parking wars for the next 75 years!

Frankly, I have always questioned the wisdom of building any structure in the Riverbed as KB plans to do. In the 28 years I have lived in Fillmore, I have recorded two floods in particular which filled the Santa Clara River to the very top - with whitecaps! Nothing in nature has anything quite like the bulldozing power of water. I know, the engineers have it all worked out, and we know they never make mistakes. It's a little late to warn against building in riverbeds.

In short, the KB plan is a monstrous insult to Fillmore's historical Craftsman look, far too crowded, cluttered, and out of place. I predict we will be dealing with tenements within 20 years. How many of us would like to run up and down 3 flights of stairs every day?

Contact our City Council members! Urge them to demand major changes in the number of 3-story condos. With the proposed sand trucks this will be a perfect storm for decades to come.


A few thoughts from DRUDGE.

Good riddance to FBI Director Comey. Trump should have fired him months ago. When I heard Comey's reasons for not indicting Hillary Clinton I knew he was a phony. Any first-year law school student would have failed his criminal law class for daring to answer questions on Hillary's email issues with Comey's excuses. Hillary Clinton has turned out to be the most prolific felon in all of American history. In failing to indict her Comey has disgraced his profession and demonstrated to the American people that "equal justice under (constitutional) law" has become a farce.

In Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East, enemies of America are staged and trigger-ready to strike our interests. Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea, have been building-up their offensive military weapons for years. Under the Obama administration America's military forces have been greatly diminished. If we have some advantage in quality (even that questionable now) our enemies have a large advantage in numbers.

The most immediate threat is both atomic and by electromagnetic pulse, derived by atomic means. Each of our enemies has atomic weapons (if North Korea has atomic weapons, assume Iran does also) and each is capable of attacking by means of electromagnetic pulse.

Russia has already used this EMP on American warships: "...a single Russian war plane flew several times around American destroyer the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea several years ago, disabling its systems and leaving it helpless. The report also claims they are capable to creating electronic jamming domes over their bases that make them invisible on radar screens."Russia claims its 'electronic bomb' can wipe out entire US Navy...

North Korea has launched two satellites. The recent explosion of one of its missiles at an altitude of 72 kilometers was not, as reported, a failure. It is now claimed that that is the altitude at which an atomic explosion could paralyze America's electronics through EMP.

So, common sense tells us we are near to a world war that America is less than fully prepared to defend against. We have some EMP capability as well but it is not deployed, as Russia's is.

And the Democrat Party has qualms about more funding for our military?