I can't let go of the fact that KB Homes is insisting on building 104 condo units, including 77 3-story units. 375 people are expected to be crammed into this mini-town with their 233 new cars. This monstrosity of a plan will immediately change Fillmore's small, friendly character FOREVER.

We can see how crowded River Street is already with insufficient parking and heavy traffic. Planners may love narrow streets to slow traffic, but homeowners and drivers see that this makes things more crowded. I can only imagine what a beehive of traffic and mis-parked cars this proposed housing development will be.

It's zoned high density, but there should be reasonable limits to this density, which this plan seems to ignore. I ask how low can "high density" go and still comply with the city's housing element. We are talking about 77 3-story condos here!

I find it remarkable that this plan cleared the Planning Commission. It's so obviously terrible and destructive of our town's housing character. Just imagine a few family celebrations in that mini-town. Where would guests park? What about traffic and parking during national holidays? This plan is a looming nightmare.

The plan itself lacks imagination. As the Council points out, the colors are drab, the architecture not in keeping with Fillmore's existing housing. The structures are a hodgepodge of sameness, a confused conglomeration of small, undesirable 3-story condos - that's a lot of steps! The plan would be undesirable for Fillmore if all units were 2-story. It's just too congested.

The city should meet KB in court over the profound unreasonableness of the plan. It will be expensive (no doubt that's what KB is counting on). But the alternative is having to deal with this ugly, crowded, out-of-place "collection" of condo units - for generations.

The issue here is reasonableness - of an unacceptable plan, on such a small site, in such a small town. If ugliness were a recognized tort I would sue KB. At the very least this plan needs major deconstruction.

Remember: We're talking about 77 3-story condos!