In a pinch for time as usual.

It looks like Bill O’Reilly is out at FOX. I will miss his opinions, but he brought it upon himself. FOX will never be the same. How many warnings does it take?


The world has not been this close to all-out war since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Our enemies will assist each other in going after America. Thanks to that pathetic fool, former President Obama, we can no longer take our superpower status for granted.

Russia is now an immediate, clear and present threat. Putin's statement that he could wipe-out the entire US Navy with his electromagnetic pulse "bomb", may be close to the truth. This capacity was demonstrated against one of our best Destroyers in the Black Sea a couple of years ago. Two Russian fighter-bombers flew round our ship twice which shut down all electronics on-board. No radar left, nothing.

This weapon has already been widely distributed throughout the Russian military. Last I heard, we had one "under development". Maybe our enemies will wait to make it a fair fight?

With North Korea to deal with, and Russia threatening the US, this places America in grave danger. And, I'm not crying "wolf." World peace has never, in my life, been so threatened with massive destabilization as now.