KB Homes has waited for a number of years to begin building on its property south of Central Avenue and River Street. From what I heard of the conversation between KB Homes representatives and the Fillmore City Council last night, it may take longer still before any concrete is poured.

The entire Council is unhappy with KB's project design. Most object to the parking availability, color scheme, the "boxy", collection appearance, 3-story units, etc. It just doesn't fit the Fillmore "look".

The fact that the Council learned that KB had filed a lawsuit that day against the city didn't help the situation. It appeared to many that KB seeks to "blackmail" the city - approve the modifications we seek or meet us in court. KB denies this, but their denials don't carry much weight. KB's lawsuit is, of course, entirely legal, but it tends to poison the relationship.

I agree with the Council. The project stinks, particularly the parking and traffic issues. This would create a traffic nightmare on River Street. The project would fit perfectly in some place like Santa Clarita, but not Fillmore. And, who can like 3-story housing projects?


An ironic natural phenomenon happened this week in Malibu. That same City of Malibu which is seeking to "renourish" its Broad Beach dunes with thousands of truckloads of sand from the Grimes Canyon quarry. Here's a link: Mountain collapses in Malibu....

I suggested that they find the needed sand in their own back yard. Nature seem to agree with me. And, as that beach continues to erode with the waves and tide, as it naturally will, all Malibu has to do is dig away in its own back yard. But they should hurry because "Time and tide wait for no man."


I think there is a real chance for us to go to war again. Instead of Hitler, Tojo, and Mussolini, we now have Putin, Kim Jong-un, and whomever now runs Iran. Virtually all of America's enemies are now nuclear-armed, and each is eager to show off its weaponry.

Of these current foes, war with Iran and North Korea is inevitable. With Iran, because it is a true believer in historic Islam's goal to kill or conquer all non-believers in the world, and it says the time has come. North Korea, because the beloved leader is completely crazy.

At least we now have a president who is unafraid to confront our enemies and is determined to rebuild our military capabilities.

He is also unabashed about his belief in God. I just wonder if he's got the time to bring it all together.