Every citizen of Fillmore should be alerted to the attempt by the City of Moorpark and the City of Malibu to funnel more than 400 new daily truckloads of sand from the Grimes Canyon quarry, through Fillmore, and down to Malibu.

This is an extraordinary abuse of truck traffic norms on Highway 23 through our city. Fillmore has joined the County of Ventura to halt the trucking agreement. Please refer to story on Front Page.

It's time to call your Congressman.


I just had to watch some of the Democrat Party filibuster because it is the first time in American history that this ploy has been used to prevent the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee. But this filibuster was just a last minute tantrum by Dem. Senators because it was a known futile effort. It forces the Republican Senators to ignite the "nuclear option", which guarantees Judge Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed as our newest Supreme Court Justice in a few days.

We have never had a more worthy nominee for the Supreme Court than Neil Gorsuch. His qualifications, character, and judicial record are impeccable. In scoring his 2,700 decisions during his 10-years on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, 97 percent were in the majority. And Dems. question whether he is in the "mainstream"?

The Dem. Senators have behaved disgracefully during the Judge's hearing. Gorsuch's professional stature is so far above his mediocre, craven critics the comparison is ridiculous.

The contest between Republican winners and Democrat losers is so hectic and heated, the business of normal governance has become a dangerous blur.

President Trump looks better every day. The Democratic Party is in a state of self-inflicted collapse.

I say hurray for the nuclear option. A simple up-or-down vote, with simple majority deciding the winner is what the Constitution calls for.

God bless Judge Neil Gorsuch for enduring months of defamation. He will be a superb Justice.