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Welcome, Corey. We're looking forward to your first season with the Flashes.


I haven't had time to check out DRUDGE today. At a glance, however, I see too much really bad news.
The rape of that 14-year-old girl by two recently arrived illegal aliens makes me furious. That poor girl will never completely recover from that outrageous attack. Our schools fail to the extent they are run by liberal operators. Liberalism is the face of social and economic disaster.

The remedy in this case? I recall a solution offered by the late-great William F. Buckley, Jr. in another rape case: "...sever the offending member."

President Trump is facing the same liberal-Left enemies of the state. We are truly in a Constitutional war. It's been going on for more than 60 years. The crux of the problem can be stated very simply: Is the Constitution to be understood by the close reading of its plain language? Or are the words so weak and flexible as to conform to any judge's personal ideology? The Second Amendment is the clearest example of Leftist targeting. Its language is as clear as any one of the Ten Commandments.

The next two appointments to the Supreme Court will determine America's future. Today, the failed Democrat Party will pay any price to bring that future down to its level. We are watching years of liberal government disintegrate our traditions.

Our justice system is collapsing under the weight of hundreds of fraudelent judges and their hedonistic liberal decisions.

Listening to Senator Whitehouse yesterday during the Gorsuch hearings exemplified the problem for me. He is a true ideological fool; all politics. Hearing Judge Gorsch's response was the antidote to Whitehouse's blather. Whitehouse is a true swamp creature.

Congress must institute term limits to truly flush-out the swamp.