The distrust between Republicans and Democrats today is at an historic high. Since the Democrats, unwittingly determined to obliterate the remains of their party, embrace the toxic demons of the far Left to assist in the fray, the nation is under a dark cloud. That cloud obscures our enemy's obvious agenda. It is a deadly distraction. The Democratic Party's blind, hate-driven, Never Trump attacks make it a clear and present danger to national security. Members of the DNC are in need of psychiatric assistance.

This political war has had one beneficial effect. It has clearly revealed the extent of government surveillance mechanisms, created by Congress, to spy on American citizens - all American citizens. Our NSA, etc. now provides relief for old-fashioned paranoiacs. Maybe a cure, since their fears are now proven justified. But for most Americans these revelations only stimulate anger, frustration, and a demands to regulate the system, if possible. The thing to remember is that these secret agencies have been tracking, recording, and storing every key-stroke and conversation of every citizen, for years. The power for that task alone is nearly unbelievable. Reasonable people may also believe that this information, gathered from all government agencies as well as citizens, is also available to our enemies. Secretary Clinton (still un-chastened) let the world know our secrets through her illegal bathroom server, for 4 years. so the secret is out - there are none left. WikiLeaks tells us that less than 10 percent of its cash of information has been revealed to date.

Our domestic-political turmoil is observed by our four principal enemies, Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. Each is a nuclear-armed nation (with Iran soon to be) enthralled by the prospect of attacking America. Our military leaders tell us that defense assets are smaller today than at any time since pre-WWI. (That's a one, not a two). We cannot fix our deficiencies with a snap of our Commander-in-Chief's finger. For example, our newest aircraft carrier (the Ford) will not be ready for two more years! All ground-fighting services are severely undermanned, while the Air Force has to repair its planes with used parts. Eight years with Barak Obama as Commander-in-Chief has placed the United States in serious peril.

A recent DRUDGE headline: " Russian Military Expert: Quietly Seeding U.S. Shoreline With Nuke 'Mole' Missiles... I wish they wouldn't do that.

Let's look at a few other interesting notices. " COULD NKOREA STRIKE HAWAII? The answer is, of course, yes. Though the Empire of Japan tried this once, with temporary success, we were, again, unprepared. And another: " China urges deal to avert 'head-on collision'... Preposterous as it may seem, China is well on its way to claiming the entire South China Sea as its own. Who is expected to defend against this offensive? China is spoiling for a fight, but it will settle for a successful intimidating threat.

I fear that President Trump does not have enough time to prepare our defenses. Democrats won't even let him fill cabinet positions in a timely fashion. We are approaching a time when each of our enemies can join together to trounce our fleet in Southeast Asia. Without using atomic weapons we could not defend against swarms of missile attacks.

As always, I wish I had more time.