I watched President Trump's first address to the joint session of Congress. Like most Americans, I was very impressed. I also agree that it was his best speech yet. He knows what he's doing and is determined to keep his promises to make America great again.

My expectations of more Democrat Party cluelessness were fulfilled. Members of that Party made me feel ashamed of their presence. Today, Democrats are unable to put the bitter reaction to their election loss behind them. They can only revel in any opportunity to disrupt and delay the work of our new Commander-in-Chief. They are a disgrace to their party and a threat to orderly government.

The President's speech was uplifting and positive. Even his liberal-Leftist opponents recognize that Donald Trump is for them now the real thing; he's indisputably President of our nation - no more weasely comments about legitimacy. The Obama misadministration is dead, rotten, and forgotten. It's time to fire-off that 7 tons-worth of Clinton fireworks.

Watching Mrs. Owens responding to the thunderous applause for her fallen husband and SEAL hero was a heartbreaking moment. "The SEAL's widow Carryn Owens sat beside Ivanka Trump and cried as the divided Congress united for the longest ovation of the evening" God bless her and her family. Without such men America could not have been created and cannot survive. They deserve the solid leadership of men like Donald Trump.

Now, we need Congress to do its duty to fill all cabinet vacancies and approve Judge Neil M. Gorsuch as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

I have to say that I am awestruck at the President's accomplishments during his first month in office.