Most of the polls are saying that Donald Trump won the Monday debate. I disagree.

Though I must vote for Trump (for to do otherwise would be to support the most disgusting and dangerous woman in American politics) I don't think he won the debate. For nearly an hour I watched Trump, who seemed hyper, waste time answering mostly foolish questions and responding to Hillary's personal digs. I thought those assisting in his debate preparations would have disabused him from taking the bate. At best I would call the debate a draw.

As far as the Republican National Committee, by this time, it should know which moderator could be trusted. Every election these days seems to have the Democrats placing their people in the moderator's chair to insure that a liberal bias effects the outcome. I think most people would have been glad to have Chris Wallace back again. Instead, Republicans went for NBC's Lester Holt. He personified the problem of political bias by dumping so many more questions on Trump and virtually ignoring any serious questions for Hillary. There was no discussion of Hillary's email scandal, even when it appeared to be a natural opening for Trump. No talk of Benghazi. No talk of the Clinton Foundation. It was incredible.

I'm sure Trump was concerned about coming on too strongly with lady Hillary. A big mistake. Hillary is no lady, and her incompetence and lies must be exposed. The American electorate must be reminded of the severity of Hillary's betrayal to our enemies of our most important secrets. The damage that her cool indifference towards all laws regarding maintaining the secrecy of national communications is extraordinary. During the four years as Secretary of State she deliberately avoided using properly encrypted government servers. Instead, in order to hide her private dealings, she set up her own server in her bathroom, mixing top secret communications with her own money-making schemes. She was hacked.

It's no wonder why our enemies bargained so stubbornly to achieve all of their objectives, like the Iran nuclear "deal". They all knew exactly what our plans and intentions were by listening-in on Hillary's server. They knew exactly how much they could get out of the negotiations for that reason. We should remember that our Secretary of State has the same clearance as the President, and, thus, our enemies knew all of our plans, politically, militarily, commercially, etc. For example, Obama has stated publically several times that he had "no strategy" for fighting ISIS. How true that was; for even his attitude towards the enemy was clearly known by them through Hillary's private server. This breach of national security will haunt us for decades and requires a complete rebuilding of our secret telecommunications system.

Moderator Lester Holt announced that he would be questioning the candidates on three topics for the debate: America's Direction, Achieving Prosperity, and Securing America. Instead, he pestered Trump on insignificant issues such as the president's birthplace, Trump's dealing with a Miss Universe (20 years ago!) and his income taxes. He mentioned nothing about Hillary's income from her "charitable" institution. Why not ask how she, alleging "flat broke" when she left the White House, is now worth $260 million.

For any member of the electorate who understands the imminent danger America is in, and the instability of world affairs in general, it would be unwise in the extreme to vote for Hillary Clinton. The many personal defects I see in Donald Trump mean nothing when compared to the vile person of Hillary Clinton. His defects are merely personal. Her defects constitute a clear and present danger to the nation itself.