As Election Day approaches I'm glad to see the candidates have closed neck-to-neck. I'm not worried about who may win to become our next president though. Old men, like myself, can take the long view of history because we have experienced more than younger voters.

Occasionally I will hear a Republican scoff at Trump, disgusted with a word or two he said, especially at the start of the season. Trump certainly had to learn that running for office is much different than negotiating a contract or constructing a hotel. He is new to the game of politics, but he's a fast learner.

Hillary, on the other hand, has been hanging around the governor's house, the White House, the Senate chambers for nearly 40 years. Her reputation has always left the stench of untrustworthiness, remarkable greed, and an insatiable lust for power. As First Lady to Bill Clinton, it is recorded that she threw a vase at the then President, striking him on the head, leaving him bloodied and with a black eye. That's a sample of her true temperament.

As a Senator from New York she accomplished nothing. As Secretary of State, her policies, with Obama, caused the US to essentially lose Iraq by pulling all troops out without a status of forces agreement, inviting the Taliban to storm back in with Iran's blessing. Hillary also decided to replace Lybia's dictator with no back-up plan, plunging the country into civil war, together with Syria. She urged the coup against Egypt's president Mubarak (a loyal friend to both the US and Israel for 30 years) and moved a Muslim Brotherhood leader into his place, who had to be removed by violence. Hillary also pushed for the utter disastrous "treaty" with Iran, which has destabilized the entire Middle East, gaining the US nothing, and guarantying a future nuclear confrontation.

Anyone who is able to read current history must recognize that Hillary has betrayed America in a profoundly unique way - she brought-in the Trojan Horse filled with Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and Iranian Jihadists. She did this by deliberately ignoring traditional means of transmitting top secret communications from the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and virtually every other government source - FOR FOUR YEARS!

Hillary Clinton is a political floozy striving for her greatest score yet, the presidency - to be Commander in Chief.

The whole world can see her deadly incompetency through her policy disasters in the Middle East. Bengasi, as criminally negligent as it is now proven to be (not a single effort was ever made to answer the many frantic calls for help by our ambassador and others in the embassy) also exposed her blatant, repeated lies about the video she told the American people sparked that attack.

Hillary Clinton will forever be the spiritual daughter of Saul Alinsky, author of "Reveille for Radicals" on how to bring America down. She would later describe Alinsky as a “great seducer” of young minds. Marrying Bill shows that Hillary had a malignant desire to be seduced a second time.

We have the facts on Hillary. If America goes down on November 8, America can blame itself for electing Hillary. Ignorance can be erased, but stupidity is indelible. And, truthful history is written with indelible ink for future generations to read.

Make sure your pen marks Donald Trump for president so those generations will not condemn us to infamy.