I'm scrambling to get this column out today. I've been concerned about the new fence at the end of Grand Avenue. When combined with the obsession the land owner at the Sespe Creek entry has to halt all public access to the Creek, these two challenges become serious.

The land owner in question has been informed that he cannot prevent the public from accessing the creek but he has ignored many notices, including my own, for years. Maybe he's thinking of issuing his own Wilderness Passes or Permits to enter the National Forrest, or possibly stopping all traffic coming down from the northern access, some kind of pay to leave scheme? In any event his "No Trespassing" signs have to come down, with the "No Parking" sign and his creek fence - voluntarily or by legal process - and soon.


I wish I could be positive about America's near future, but world events don't call for that. Most people have an opinion on the issue of America's status today and so do I.

I sense something uniquely bad will accompany the November elections, as something wicked this way comes. Our country is almost perfectly divided between the Right and the Left, with the Left in control for the past 8 years. I have no choice but to vote for Trump. Hillary Clinton is a uniquely evil person. She and her alleged rapist husband Bill, have been a plague upon the nation for 30 years. If by any unfortunate circumstance she is elected Commander-in-Chief of the United States, I will know that God has finally had enough of the US and has condemned us to destruction.

I know, sounds crazy doesn't it? But no crazier than trusting a President Hillary to lead our troops into battle.