I'm looking at the cover of a great book, Freedom's Forge, how American business produced Victory in World War II" by Arthur Herman.

Though that war ended when I was only 7-years-old, I remember the activity of the time. I also recall the enormous quantity of military surplus which came flooding back into America. I tried to get Dad to buy a surplus jeep, but he said they lost too much oil. Try to buy a good one now!

When I look around today, at our culture and industry, without a dramatic and immediate change I have to say we could never accomplish what we did in the 1940s. Today, the malignant Left, the liberal-socialist radicals, and the environment of Political Correctness, would make such cooperation for victory impossible.

For one, leaders seem nowhere to be found; certainly not enough. The Bible tells us that without leadership a nation falls. And I'm old-fashioned, My ultimate trust lies only in the Bible. America has lived for nearly 8 years under the treacherous (I believe treasonous) "leadership" of Obama, who has only weakened and undermined American military forces. Very soon we will understand just how successful he has been.

Freedom's Forge recalls, in great detail, the phenomenon of the American defense system at a time of great peril. We seem blessed then with the energy, ingenuity, and determination which caused our Revolution to be successful after 1776. This book "...takes us back to that time [1940s] , revealing how two extraordinary American businessmen - automobile magnate William Knudsen and shipbuilder Henry J. Kaiser - helped corral, cajole, and inspire business leaders across the country to mobilize the "arsenal of democracy" that propelled the Allies to victory in World War II."

These are among the forgotten heroes of the Second World War. They perfected armament construction to incredible degree; we built ships faster than the German Navy could sink them. The same proficiency held true with our planes, guns, and at every level of defensive need.

"Then it was Henry Kaiser's turn "Here beside us is this great craft," ..."only ten days from keel laying to launching; and in a few days she will be on the ocean bearing cargo to our allies and our soldiers. it is a miracle, no less - a miracle of God and the genius of free American workmen."

I wonder if such a miracle could be worked today. Could the call go out to GOOGLE, or Amazon, or Facebook, to help save us from defeat?

This is a wonderful book that should be read by all. It will give you a fresh understanding on just how far we have fallen.