Americans shouldn't have to be prodded into recognizing the fact that we have entered the preliminary rounds of WWIII. But, because of the absence of honest news coverage throughout eight years of the Obama administration, the nation slumbers. It's no exaggeration to observe that our politically correct country has drifted into a mine field prepared by our four deadliest and most determined enemies. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, (all nuclear-armed except Iran) have each announced their intent to destroy America.

They brag about the sophistication of their new weapons and burgeoning stockpiles of missiles, planes, artillery, tanks, and electronics. America must scrounge for used parts to repair its planes. NKorea fires intercontinental missiles into Japanese waters, with impunity. Russia simply walks-in and takes over the Crimea, after invading Ukraine, again with impunity. Russia has recently moved more heavy armaments into eastern Ukraine, and threatens the Baltic states, showing only contempt for weak NATO defenses - daring the West to act.

China is the greatest threat, with the largest military (army, navy, and air force), and an eagerness to fight for its stolen South China Sea properties. Should a fight over the South China Sea break out, China has the on-sight military ability to sink our aircraft carriers, check our submarines, and swarm our few aircraft. We have lost our back-up abilities to carry on such a war. Where would reinforcements come from? This because Obama (and a feckless US Congress) have abandoned America by leaving it defenseless relative to the proliferating forces of our enemies. An inadequate defense is no defense. Obama has castrated US defense forces; we are weaker than at any time before WWII, and we no longer have that famous industrial might which overwhelmed Germany and Japan in the 1940s.

Well, what's the plan? Obama says he's never had a strategy, and without a strategy a plan is useless. In the words of our street philosopher, Mike Tyson, "Everyone has a plan - until you're hit in the face". We are about to get hit in the face.

China also holds US military readiness in contempt. How could it do otherwise knowing that America now sends its women into combat? Today we learn that the chain of Chinese "island" bases have been equipped with numerous fighter aircraft and hangers. China cannot be permitted to close the world's most important commercial route through the South China Sea, but it is determined to do so - this means inevitable war - at any time of China's choosing. Ask how would we, how could we, respond?

If Iran doesn't already have a nuclear weapon, it soon will. Iran lives only to cause death and destruction, as its Islamic doctrine commands against Kafirs, all 6-billion of them.

North Korea is a wild card. Its mentally unstable dictator can be expected to do anything, including launching nuclear weapons - which he constantly threatens to do. Korea's recent launching of a submarine missile demonstrates a high degree of progress in weapons development.

Now - with NATO a flaccid force of undisciplined, little experienced, sunshine soldiers responsible for defending Europe and the Middle East, what are we to do? In the very real probability that multiple wars will break-out America has far too little to work with; and in the case of China and Russia, we will be far too slow to respond. Talk about a stress test!

Remember also the hyenas of Islamic terror who will disperse in the fray to chew on the sinews of a bloodied Western defense carcass. It will be a chaotic bloodbath of phenomenal proportions. If we survive, history will reveal the pathetic truth: America sought only an easy peace while neglecting preparations for war. This is losing by naiveté and cowardice.

But, maybe America can be saved by a conniving Bitch Goddess of Untruth, outfitted in camouflaged pants suit, leading a platoon of quadrasexual SEALS.

After all, she's experienced landing under withering sniper fire in Bosnia!