I'm glad to report that Fillmore, at least according to the majority of voices at the special medical marijuana meeting, want nothing to do with the weeds.

The recent confiscation of some $7million-worth of marijuana plants at the weed co-op above Grand Ave. creates a sense of relief. Medical marijuana certainly has its place - once workable controls are feasible. The product is needed to treat certain serious painful conditions. The problem is that as soon as the product becomes available, everyone seems to have painful conditions which allegedly require medical marijuana.


I know the Pope is a holy man; I only wish holiness always included common sense, which the present Pope clearly lacks.

Pope Francis lacks the ability to refrain from "off-the-cuff" statements which are clearly wrong, creating confusion, anger, and bewilderment in the ranks of the faithful, and not-so-faithful. Perhaps his "cuffs" should be clipped.

His ability to startle traditional Catholics with false or confusing statements reminds me of Donald Trump's worst idiotic pronouncements, like Senator John McCain is not a hero because his plane was shot down and he was captured. Absurd.

Recently, Pope Francis stated that the "Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same" and that Islam is a religion of peace. What madness is this?

The Koran and Bible are diametrical, absolute, opposites in the doctrines they announce. The Koran demands submission of all "Kafirs", or non Muslims. There are only three choices for Kafirs in Islamic doctrine, conversion, dimitude (slavery), or death. Traditional Islam seeks death or conversion for all non-believers, as we see in today's terrorist attacks. The Koran, Hadith, and Sira are explicit about this, and all statements to the contrary are, by the doctrine of "abrogation" not applicable. So, by valid, traditional Islamic standards, being a Kafir is dangerous.

Christianity, on the other hand, preaches a personal, loving God Who seeks peace and salvation through free will. Christianity has certainly failed to meet its goals sometimes throughout history, but it has been the greatest single factor in the creation and preservation of Western civilization, and world civilization most of the time.
The West is utterly ignorant of Islamic history, its expansion and the horrific suffering it has caused civilization for the last 1400 years.

A great place to begin learning about the doctrine of Islam is to view any one of Dr. Bill Warner's videos or read any of his many books. He tells the whole story from a scientist's perspective, after 30-years of study. Warner has a PhD in physics and mathematics, and is a superb speaker. He only addresses the doctrine of Islam. He cares nothing about the religion. See: ”Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner".

I regret sounding a little disrespectful, but the Pope needs to put a sock in it. On matters of faith and morals he is great; on personal political opinion, he's dangerous.

p.s. I speak as a faithful, practicing Roman Catholic, fellow Kafir to most of you.