It seems that every week for several months now some outrageous breach of the peace, attack by some murderous Islamic monstrosity, or exposure of more federal government rot, drove me to say something, but I didn't. I'll say a few words now.

Obama and his hoard of fifth column comrades has successfully infected our Republic for seven and a half years. He has kept his promise to "fundamentally change" our country. But his changes have inflicted what may well prove to be mortal wounds to the nation.

Obama is a moral reprobate. I first knew this was true when I heard that he approved of partial-birth abortion. This told me he had no soul. That procedure, for those who may have forgotten, permits the abortionist the "right" to kill the infant who survived the abortion, by severing its spinal cord, drowning the child, suffocating it, or merely leaving it to die in a cabinet, opposing Born Alive legislation.

The nation is suffering the effects of Obama's empty soul. It suffers for his lack of support for our Law Enforcement men and women, part of his efforts to inflame racial division.

He has used federal departments as weapons to control the people. He has created the most corrupt Justice Department in the nation's history by appointing people like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, names that will live in infamy for their Constitutional manipulations. He provides cover for every governmental crime.

As Commander-in-Chief, he has subverted the moral character of our armed forces, diminished our defense capabilities, and given aid and comfort to our country's most lethal enemies.

He is an active enemy of America's traditional Christian base, and a vocal defender of Islam, "radical" or not. (There is only one Islam, and that is defined only by the Koran, Hadith (Muhammad's traditions), and Sira, (Muhammad's biography) - all condensed in Sharia law. Muslim jihadists continue to fight to the death seeking to prove which sect is purest - as they have done for 1,400 years - and to this day). The target of the Islamist demand for "submission" is all non-Muslims - Kaffirs. Read it all in the above books, which contain the entirety of Islamic doctrine. It is not merely a religion, it is a total way of life.

Obama has largely accomplished the mission he announced in his inaugural address nearly 8 years ago. Those fundamental changes infect every part of our government, from drafting women and opening women's bathrooms to the lecherous Left, to inviting an invasion of undocumented foreigners. Many of his changes can never be cured, and the nation is obviously weakened for it.

I cannot point to a single major foreign policy decision by this odious man that has secured a benefit for America. But the list of extraordinary and outrageous wounds he has inflicted upon our Republic is long.

The nation is weaker militarily, morally, socially, and financially due to the Obama administration. America will have been leaderless for eight years at the end of his term.

America is ill prepared to survive the immediate dangers we now face, yet this charlatan endorses Hillary Clinton (Bitch Goddess of untruth and proven untrustworthiness).

If, the ignorant unwashed 51percent manages, once again, to slither into office another misbegotten charlatan, Hillary Clinton, our Republic is finished.