For those who might be curious, I've been gone for about two months due to a back injury. I'm getting around again but it will take a while longer before reaching 100 percent. Thanks for your patience and concern.


It's hard to exaggerate the peril the nation is in, domestically and overseas. America is seriously unprepared to deal with her enemies, foreign and domestic, because our Commander in Chief has never shown a desire to lead the nation in its defense. In this he has betrayed our trust and his oath of office. Should Hillary Clinton become our next president, the eight years Obama has spent under-cutting our nation will produce a military-social collapse, the likes of which we have never before experienced.

Only a fervent Christian revival can save this nation at this late date. We should acknowledge God and the unique blessings He has showered upon America since her founding, or face defeat at the hands of multiple, implacable enemies. Time to humble ourselves and pray.