Well, in another day the year 2015 will be no more. All of us at the Gazette wish all of you a very happy and productive new year.


One issue to be dealt with in 2016 is of extraordinary importance to Fillmore and many other Ventura County cities. It is the plan to transport sand from the mine on Hwy. 23 to restore the beach at Malibu. It's hard to exaggerate the extent to which this outrageous proposal (nearly completely approved) will negatively impact our city. This should be fought with all the resources we have. See the story on page one.


I have mixed emotions about the coming New Year. I feel a sense of relief and foreboding. The relief comes from knowing that Obama has only 11 months more to finish the job of wrecking the nation. My foreboding comes from understanding just how much he has already succeeded in diminishing America's strength, prosperity, and security. It will take a decade to repair the damage, assuming everything doesn't come off the rails before the Obama administration breaths it last.

It could be worse however, if a criminally stupid electorate actually votes-in another Clinton. That's a horror beyond my ability to contemplate. It is possible. I shudder to recall that same electorate (Democrat Party) voted Obama in for a second term. The second witch in Macbeth voices my trepidation, "Something wicked this way comes.” America faces the wickedness of fundamental Islam and its plan to subdue the world. We can forget "the good Muslims" - they are almost irrelevant. It's the Islam which has bedeviled the Western world since the year 632 with its demand that all non-Muslim peoples "submit" by conversion, taxation, or death.

These are the facts, this is the truth, and America is about to discover this truth, inconvenient or otherwise.
Let's not forget Barack Obama's gift of aid and comfort to the enemy (Iran) in the amount of $150 BILLION. That is the legacy he has sought, that is the American demise he has brought.