Last night's Republican debate: An engineered waste of time.

Our Commander-in-Chief has decreed that all combat positions in all military branches are now open to women, for the first time in history. This is a sort of ultimate insult and injury to our fighting men, and an ultimate victory for political correctness and the feminist Left.

In a sane world guided by traditional Judeo-Christian principles and morals no explanation would be necessary for the virtually timeless, universal prohibition against the use of women in combat. Common sense and natural law dictate that men protect women against harm, especially from evil men. This is deeply engrained, almost genetically inscribed on the male psyche. It is a principle that helps assure the existence of humanity's next generation. The statement "Women and children first" should always be honored in practice. They are our nation's future.

Obama and his lickspittle Leftist minions, like his new Secretary of Defense, have struck another blow against Judeo-Christian normalcy with this new policy. The arguments against this new law are so profound and numerous that they can only be addressed in a book. One such book, among many, should be read by everyone who values the special position of honor and dignity women have always enjoyed throughout the civilized world (I don't include fundamental Islam in that world). That book is entitled "CO-ED COMBAT, the new evidence that women shouldn't fight the nation's wars", by Kingsley Browne.

It is a outrageous fraud to pretend, as Obama does, that women are as capable of engaging in combat as men. Women are absolutely equal to men in dignity, but not combat. I dare even the most virulent feminist to refute the data in this book.

Women have always contributed to the defense of our country in most valuable ways, from the Revolutionary War to date. There is no question or doubt about that. And women have engaged in combat (in very small numbers) in the Soviet Union - even in Israel, for short periods of time, in dire circumstances - and served heroically. But that is not the point.

Co-Ed Combat is meticulously researched, utterly objective, heavily noted, with comments from both sides of the issue. Conclusion: Women should not be allowed in combat;

"The climate of political correctness is so strong that revealing reservations about the performance of women in the military is likely to be a career-terminating event."

"The military can force men to "accept" integration in the sense that soldiers must "accept" virtually anything their superiors impose upon them, but it cannot force men to trust women, and the absence of trust in battle can be deadly."

"In 1971 alone, there were 333 confirmed incidents [of fragging] and another 158 possible ones." "...The objections that many men have to women are of a kind that would create a potential for fragging." "Two of the most frequently heard complaints about women in the military are that women obtain favored treatment from superiors and that they are less combat capable and will not pull their weight in combat, thereby endangering the lives of male soldiers."

These arguments are only the tip of the iceberg. Women in combat, as now ordered, is wildly immoral and deadly impractical.

Read the book before yelling misogynist!