Life and death issues now confront us daily. Seeking a workable defense against Islamic terrorist activity, despite President Obama's dreamy, nonchalant attitude, is an immediate challenge. The issue of Personal self-defense is new to millions of Americans seeking to arm themselves against Muslim attack for the first time. And all of the liberal media political correctness will not diminish the reality of the threat.

It's reported that since Obama's election the American people have purchased more than 100 million firearms. That's a strong indication that at least they understand, if only instinctively, they and the nation are in grave danger.


First, a huge note of thanks and congratulations to all of the local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies who participated in defeating the jihadist murderers in San Bernardino. It was inspiring to see such effective cooperation and coordination.


I am frankly amazed at how exceptional our fighting forces are. Their performance has been stellar and they deserve our undying gratitude. What amazes me most is the fact that they do so well despite the corrupt and incompetent leadership they must depend upon.

Their Commander in Chief renders aid and comfort to the enemy which he refuses to identify (for the past 7 years!), much of the top brass (with strong exceptions) are mere sycophants, like his bevy of homosexual generals and our new Secretary of Defense.

The insane rules of engagement (no strike if even a single "civilian" is present) and the latest policy change (first in American history) permitting women in all combat roles (guarantee our daughters would be included in any future draft and drastically diminishing force effectiveness) means losing. Political correctness is literally killing this nation. Where are those to stand-up for traditional values and principles?
Our armed forces have been deeply corrupted with radical liberal-progressive policies and practices. Our Obama government doesn't give a damn about the normal, traditional Christian men and women who have been the backbone of our nation's defense since 1775. It is they who have to tolerate the conduct of the new Left members. In fact Obama and his crowd of anti-Judeo-Christian social saboteurs truly hate the American tradition of moral normalcy.

Our next president should be a combination of General Patton and Abraham Lincoln. Then, at least, we could recover our self-respect, and possibly that of the enemy.

Most of all, we would recover the protection of our God in Whom we say "...we trust."